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30pc Wooden Color Blocks Set

30pc Wooden Color Blocks Set- Latest product from 4aKid - 4aKid Blog

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Perfect for the budding architect in the family!

Boost up your toddler's imagination as well as building skills with this 30pc Wooden Color Blocks Set. Elevate playtime with these colourful blocks. Combine fun with learning as your little one strengthens their fine motors skills as they sort, build and identify different colours with these different shape and size blocks.

Product Features:

  • 30 piece in assorted colours, shape and size
  • Combine learning and fun
  • Build fine motor and sorting skills
  • Enhance shape and colour recognition
  • Made of natural wood
  • Approx. product dimension: 21 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Ages 3 years+

Why are building blocks great for kids?

Building blocks help encourage and enhance problem-solving from a young age as well as integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. Studies suggest they can help kids develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. In addition, build their capacity for creative, divergent thinking as well as social skills.


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