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Jan 26 , 2020

6 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Failure - 4aKid Blog

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Help your child overcome the fear of failure with these six research-based strategies.

1. Change Your Attitude About Failing

2. Emphasize Effort, Not Ability

3. Demonstrate Unconditional Love

4. Conduct the “Worst-Case Scenario” Exercise

5. Help Them Focus on the Solution

6. Have Conversations About Success and Failure

Fear of failure can have a negative impact on kids’ confidence and performance, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. To help your child overcome his fear of failure, try implementing these six strategies:

  1. Change your attitude about failure by accepting and even celebrating mistakes.
  2. Emphasize effort instead of ability in your response to both success and failure.
  3. Demonstrate that you love your child unconditionally.
  4. Try the “worst-case scenario” exercise to address your child’s worries.
  5. Allow your child to fail, and help them focus on the solution.
  6. Have open conversations about success and failure.

As our children learn to embrace mistakes, they’ll realize that giving up is not the answer, and they’ll find the confidence and courage to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm.

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