8 Best Instant Pots from Amazon - 4aKid Blog

Jan 26 , 2020

8 Best Instant Pots from Amazon - 4aKid Blog

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Courtesy of Amazon, an Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow-cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker all in one package. It has many different modes but it primarily acts as an electric pressure cooker. Pressure cookers work on one simple principle: under pressure, the water inside an Instant Pot can boil at up to 120°C (instead of the usual 100°C), which cooks food way, way faster. It speeds up cooking by up to 10 times using up to 70% less energy.

Benefits of Pressure Cooking. Pressure cook with your Instant Pot and take advantage of its many benefits! To name a few, you can save time & energy, retain food's vitamins & nutrients, preserve food's appearance and taste, and eliminate harmful microorganisms.


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