For the exhausted mum who hides a few minutes to cry in the bathroom... - 4aKid Blog

Mar 01 , 2020

For the exhausted mum who hides a few minutes to cry in the bathroom... - 4aKid Blog

For the mum hidden in the bathroom, because she needs a few minutes of tranquility while slipping tears from her eyes. 

For the mum who is so tired that she feels she can't continue, that she would give anything for a moment of peace. 

For the mum who cries in her room for having scolded the kids for a nonsense that makes her feel guilty. 

For the mum who desperately battles when wearing denim pants because she wants to look pretty and wear them to feel better.

For the mum who asks for dinner pizza because she didn't reach the time to make dinner again as she expected.

 For the mum who feels alone, even when she's accompanied.

 You're worth a lot.

You are important.

You are enough.

 This is a stage, a crazy and challenging stage for all mums.

But in the end everything will be worth it. For now it's hard. Difficult in many and different ways for each of us. We don't always talk, but we all fight, you're not alone.

You are enough.

You give the best of you.

Those little eyes that observe you think you're perfect, they think you're more than perfect.

Those little hands that ask for your arms, they think you're the strongest and you can conquer the world.

Those little mouths eating what you cook, they think you're the best 

Those little hearts looking for yours, they want nothing but you.

Because you are enough for them, you are more than enough, mum.

You are wonderful...

- unknown author

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