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A galaxy moon lamp and humidifier. It is resting on a wooden stand.

Moon Lamp Humidifier- Latest product from 4aKid - 4aKid Blog

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The perfect lamp and humidifier in one for your soaring astronaut!

Kid-friendly and simple to use, this rechargeable Moon Lamp Humidifier is on a mission to keep your family healthy and happy. This decorative sphere rests on a wooden stand and will not only emit a comforting night light but also provides a gentle flow of mist to keep the air fresh and moist. Humidifiers are fantastic for treating static, dry skin, chapped lips, dry air can be especially problematic for children and adults as well as asthma or sinus issues. It has a shut-off safety feature when there is no water left in the tank.

Product Features:

  • 3 Lighting colours - white, warm white and yellow
  • 3D printing technology
  • Automatic power off when the tank is empty
  • Easy to use
  • Water tank capacity: 880ml
  • Spray volume: 25-35ml
  • Rechargeable with USB cable included
  • Material PVC/PP, electronic components and silicone
  • Approx product dimension: 13cm


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