One Secret to Raising Self-Confident Children - 4aKid Blog

Jan 26 , 2020

One Secret to Raising Self-Confident Children - 4aKid Blog

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What causes Self Confidence in Children:

Self-confidence comes from being willing to fail. It comes from willing to fall down and get back up again. It comes from knowing that things won’t go perfectly every time. It comes from expecting mistakes and taking action to correct them. It comes from being a problem solver rather than learned helplessness (expecting someone else to fix your problems).

One way that parents can establish this trait in their kids is to give them to freedom to make mistakes. Allow them to fail. And when they do, congratulate them on learning something new.

If your child wants to pour his own milk, let him. Perhaps stand beside him with a cloth, ready to catch any big mess. Or put the milk in a smaller container first, so it’s manageable.

If your child wants to get his own shoes on (but you’re in a rush), slow down and start a bit earlier. Let him struggle to try. It’s the only way he’ll learn.

If you see your child doing something that you KNOW isn’t going to result in success, let him make his own mistakes. Unless it will result in a trip to the hospital, of course. Safety first .. but I’ll allow my child to get a few bumps or bruises if it means learning to be independent.

And last, but not least, limit the use of the word “no”. It’s one thing to say no to a bedtime snack. But it’s a totally different thing to say no to picking that flower in the park, or walking outside without shoes on, or not letting your child choose her own clothes. You might think a jacket is required because of the temperature. If you let her figure it out for herself, she’ll get cold and know better next time.

Confident kids are kids who learn early on how to make their own decisions and solve their own minor problems.

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