Why does my child destroy things? - 4aKid Blog

Jan 26 , 2020

Why does my child destroy things? - 4aKid Blog

Latest Blog from 4aKid Child Safety Tips One thing that Google does not do (at least not yet) is ask, “What do you mean by that?” Toddlers and preschoolers often take things apart out of simple curiosity. They want to know: How does a toilet-paper roll work? How about a toy car? A purse? Little fingers are much better at disassembling things than at putting them back together, and accidents happen.

If your child is destroying things in anger, on the other hand, that behavior deserves further evaluation. Stress, poor sleep, a history of trauma, and inconsistent or violent discipline can all lead to behavioral outbursts. Children with developmental delays or autism can also act out in destructive ways. When parents approach me with this complaint, we often spend a half hour or longer sorting out the child’s history and exploring what might be happening. In this case, use Google to find a pediatrician, a psychologist, or a therapist, and set up an appointment.

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