4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – BENNETTS FOR BABIES

Aug 30 , 2018

4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – BENNETTS FOR BABIES

It’s that time of year again…the 4aKid #WINBIG Competition is back!

Introducing 4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – Bennetts

Bennetts is an established brand synonymous with quality baby products.

Your baby is safe with us.

When it comes to baby care, every mom wants the best for her little bundle of joy. When a baby is distressed, mom wants a quality brand she can trust, and the Bennetts brand has always been mothers first choice.

Our story…

The story of Bennetts started decades ago with our father Basil Bennett; a brilliant chemist who went the extra mile for every desperate mother as well as a distressed father who needed help with their colicky baby. For the Bennetts family, what is today a household name in baby products, is also our story. A story of pride as well as a legacy of care.

A brand is born…

Our dad’s colic mixture (Bennetts Colic Mixture), was initially compounded in his pharmacy on demand. It was so effective, that it soon became a must-have product for parents who knew about it. The reputation of the product grew substantially and our father would sometimes send it by post to distressed parents all over the world. This was the beginning of something big and Bennetts Colic Mixture became a household name. The Bennetts brand was born. We dreamed of creating something bigger; a line of baby products under the Bennetts name as well as to establish a brand that reflected our father’s values.

The Bennetts legacy…

Today, 25 years later, Bennetts is an established brand synonymous with quality baby products and our dream of continuing our father’s legacy as well as building a business on a foundation of care, is a reality. We are proud of our accomplishments as well as remain passionately committed to continuing the Bennetts legacy of quality and care.

Morris and David Bennett

Website: www.bennettsforbabies.co.za

Email: info@colic.co.za

Tel: 011 608 3733

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BennettsforBabies/?ref=bookmarks



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