4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – ILLUMINATE CREATIONS

Sep 03 , 2018

4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – ILLUMINATE CREATIONS

It’s that time of year again…the 4aKid #WINBIG Competition is back!

Introducing 4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – Illuminate Creations

Illuminate Creations are designed and made by NesraTech. As a South African company based in Johannesburg, we love to make glowing creations for our clients as well as hearing all the stories that go along with our lights.

Our night lights help kids go to bed at night as well as give them the comfort to sleep through. The changing colours of the night light helps children to become calm and aids them to fall asleep. Made from high quality acrylic and stainless steel. This makes the lights easy to clean and will not break if it falls. All the packaging of the lights can be recycled.

All our lights are colour changing. Use the remote included to set the light to one of 20 colours, or chose one of 22 colour changing modes, as well as setting the brightness of the light.

Our night lights are USB powered, making the lights low on power. There is no battery inside the light, making it safe to use all night. Power the night lights using the supplied 2 pin USB wall plug or any USB plug found on a PC, laptop, PS and/or in your car. If the cable is too short, use a USB extension to make the cable the length you require.

You can connect a power bank as a battery to the night light and make it mobile. Now you can use the night light while camping or during a power outage.

Coming soon to our range of night lights is the 2 Colour Night Light. The 2 Colour Night Lights create a depth to the night light image as well as a great ambient light in your little ones bedroom.

We have larger lights available, which we call designer lights. They are about 4 times larger than the night light. These are great for older kids or as ambient lighting in any room.

For a unique and personal gift, we have a range of Photo Designer Lights. We create the lights using photographs given to us by our clients.

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