Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – Amazeballz

Aug 24 , 2017

Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – Amazeballz

4aKid is proud to announce prizes sponsored for our annual #winbig promo  from Amazeballz. Manufacturers of sports training aids and coordination equipment. Product range includes Moonball, Woza Ball and soon to be launched – Top Shot!

Prizes up for grabs:

5 prizes consisting of 1 Moonball and 1 Woza ball

4 prizes of 2 Moonballs.

To win Wozaballz and Moonballs from Amazeballs in the 4aKid #winbig promo, click here to enter:  http://go.4akid.co.za.pages.services/winbig-entry-form-1



Consists of a clear PVC glitter ball with a liquid colour that flows inside the ball. When the ball is kicked or thrown not only does it come back to you on the shock cord with is attached around your waist with a quick release webbing belt. The colour also splashes around the ball making it fun. This product is for ages 18 months upwards and is great for learning a simple skill like throwing and catching a ball, which a child can practice on their own. Not to mention being able to kick it with both feet and just have a blast.


Consists of a real soccer ball also attached to the waist and is designed as a training aid for children that are starting to play sport at school level. The ball allows for a realist feel and stimulates balance, co-ordination, anticipation, fitness and is a world of fun. The idea is to encourage the use of both feet when kicking ball as well as knee and head control. A great head start for any aspiring sports star.


This is the most exciting new addition to the AMAZEBALLZ arsenal of training aids and has created a lot of excitement. This product was developed for the sole purpose to assist children with the fundamental aspects of batting in cricket. For decades there have not been any new developments for helping children with the correct stance, grip, body position, stroke and muscle development for batting. TOP SHOT is the perfect companion for net practice and will correct all the natural bad habits and encourage muscle development.


Undoubtedly, rugby is by far the biggest and most supported sport in South Africa. We developed RUGG IT! As a specific training aid that covers the fundamental aspects of the sport. As we all know catching a rugby ball is awkward at the best of times and general control is also challenging. RUGG IT! Is strapped around the waist with a webbing belt as per the MOONBALL and WOZA BALL, however it has a much longer shock cord. This allows the player to, in one smooth move, go from scrum half to fly half to full back. As well as practicing the various methods of kicking a rugby ball as well as passing left and right.

For more information:

Email: charis@amazeballz.co.za

Tel: 0828957494

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