Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – DIFRAX SA

Aug 30 , 2017

Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – DIFRAX SA

4aKid is proud to announce prizes sponsored for our annual #winbig promo from Difrax SA.

Difrax import all you need for your baby, from baby bottles and pacifiers to the mum-friendly Difrax BtoB breast pumps.

To win a baby bottle hamper and soother from Difrax SA in the 4aKid #winbig promo, click here to enter:  http://go.4akid.co.za.pages.services/winbig-entry-form-1

Difrax for babies for almost 50 years now
Difrax was established close to 50 years ago. The history of Difrax starts in 1967, when Dippy and Frank van Eijkelenborg put their heart and soul into their newly established business enterprise dealing in baby products. The ‘Di’ in Difrax stands for Dippy, the ‘Fra’ stands for Frank and the X stood for the name of their successor (a mystery successor at that time, of course). They started off selling cotton buds and baby rattles but eventually expanded to include a wide range of baby stuff.

Difrax moves with the times 
When Vivienne took over Difrax, she wasn’t very au fait with the baby industry, which raised many questions in her mind. Why are all pacifiers based on the same design? Why are all baby products so unimaginative and unfashionable? Is this really what parents want for their babies? In her quest for answers Vivienne and Difrax gradually developed from retailer to creator of innovative baby stuff. Vivienne: “We move with the times and develop products on all fronts. We consider design, colour, fashion, technology and innovation, never settling for anything less than the highest standards of quality and safety. Consequently, our baby stuff is always just that bit more special.”

Inspiration galore
Product development is a constant factor within Difrax. When it comes to baby stuff, nothing is a matter of fact, everything can be improved! That’s easy to say, but hard to realise. Fortunately, our designers are top in their field. Like veritable Gyro Gearlooses they are brimming with new ideas for Difrax baby stuff. But we also draw on other sources of inspiration, such as customer service, consumer panels and medical panels comprising doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, maternity nurses, midwives, clinics, etc.”

Dedicated to babies and their parents
All that Difrax undertakes stems from our passionate dedication to babies and parents. Our aim is to create innovative products that actually add value to the lives of parents and their babies, whilst being appealing and fashionable.

Our products are developed by our own in-house designers, always thinking in terms of solutions to problems. Every product we design is functional and well thought-out

The first Difrax product: Pacifier 2.0
The first product Difrax developed was pacifier 2.0. The standard pacifiers were ugly, large things, partially covering the face and pushing up against the nose – especially those of babies. Logical thinking and consultations with consumers and experts eventually resulted in the improved product. We developed five models to match babies’ development. The shield’s recesses left the baby’s nose free and allowed a relatively large amount of air to flow under the shield, reducing the risk of skin irritation. At the time, 10 years ago, this new pacifier was a breakthrough, but development is ongoing. We are already working on the next generation of pacifiers. Independent experts, such as paediatricians, dentists and breastfeeding experts, provide important input for their development.

Difrax International 
Difrax has become a major player on the international market for baby stuff. At Difrax you will find all you need for your baby, from baby bottles and pacifiers to the mum-friendly Difrax BtoB breast pumps. In the Netherlands, the Difrax products are available in baby specialist shops, chemist’s, pharmacies and department stores and via difrax.com. We are also becoming a popular brand beyond our borders. Our baby stuff is sold in shops in more than twenty countries, including Belgium, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Australia and the US. And we were the proud winner of the Orange Trade Mission Fund in 2013. Every year, this fund supports 10 entrepreneurs with a good chance of success abroad. With the support of the Orange Trade Mission Fund we hope to expand quickly even further afield, like into China.”


Email: mimimiorders@gmail.com

Tel: https://www.facebook.com/difraxsouthafrica/


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