Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – VOLVO

Aug 23 , 2017

Sponsor of 2017 #winbig promo – VOLVO

4aKid is proud to announce that one of the prizes sponsored for our annual #winbig promo is a booster seat designed for children aged 4–10 years or who weigh approx. 15–36 kg. The padded headrest, high side panels and shoulder protection ensure a safe journey. The seat weighs 6.4 kg. The ISOFIT system holds the seat securely in place, even when a child is not sitting in it.

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Volvo Car Group formed part of the Swedish Volvo Group until 1999, when the company was bought by Ford Motor Company. In 2010, Volvo Car Group was acquired by the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China. Part of the growth strategy is to establish China as the company’s second home market.

The Company’s new corporate and brand strategy “Designed Around You” puts people at the centre of all operations in the company. The strategy is a foundation and a guide for the business, the products and the corporate culture.

Volvo’s complete range of child safety seats includes:

1) A rear-facing infant seat designed for newborns and children up to 1 year old, or children who weigh up to13kg.

Safety features include:
• High side panels and deep shaped seat to provide maximum protection in the event of front and side collisions;
• Headrest with seven setting options;
• Soft padded textile cover, which is detachable and washable;
• Easy to adjust five point belt.

2) A rearward- and forward-facing convertible child seat designed for children from 9 months to approx. 6 years old, or children who weigh between 9 kg and 25 kg.

Safety features include:
• High side panels and deep shaped seat to provide maximum protection in the event of front and side collisions;
• Two retaining straps with snap-hooks, one on each side of the child seat, which anchor the child seat securely to the floor of the Volvo using the eyelet located on the floor;
• Adjustable headrest that guides the shoulder belt to the correct height;
• Integrated support legs used in all car positions;
• Integrated belt guide.

3) A child seat with a booster cushion and backrest designed for children travelling rearward between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. This child seat is also suitable for children up to 10 years old, or children who weigh between 15 kg and 36 kg.

Safety features include:
• Headrest with high side panels and protection around the shoulder area to provide maximum protection in the event of a front or side collision;
• Headrest with 11 different setting options;
• Two position adjustment along the width for optimal belt geometry;
• Integrated belt guide;
• Backrest tilt function.

4) Finally there is a child seat with a booster cushion and adjustable backrest designed for children travelling rearward
between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. This child seat is also suitable for children up to 10 years old, or who weigh between 15 kg and 36 kg.

Safety features include:
• Backrest to provide extra comfort and protection in the event of a collision from the rear;
• Adjustable backrest with five different heights and two backrest angles for extra comfort and protection.

Kick guard with pockets – Designed to protect the car’s interior while the child is sitting in the car seat. The kick guard includes pockets for storage and can be used if the child seat is facing forwards or backwards. It is also machine washable.

VOLVO Genuine Child Safety:

During the design process, Volvo works closely with the manufacturer to make sure that each product meets Volvo’s strict demands regarding safety and design. A wide range of experts with their own special competencies are involved in the development process; meaning that each Volvo child seat is designed, not only with the child seat in mind, but how the child seat integrates and functions with the car as a whole.

Every component in a Volvo child seat, such as the neck and back supports and adjustable headrests are thoroughly – and repeatedly – tested at Volvo’s state-of-the-art test centre. All testing is carried out under real–life conditions and based on real–life situations.

When it comes to crash testing, Volvo child seats are crash tested along with the car. This means that Volvo can monitor exactly how the child seat reacts in an actual crash situation and tailor the design accordingly.

All materials used are also tested and certified to meet Volvo’s strict demands regarding fire safety, as well as all fire safety requirements worldwide.

This dedication to safety, combined with a careful attention to detail, ensures every Volvo child seat meets Volvo’s strict demands regarding safety, durability and comfort, while also meeting and surpassing legal safety requirements worldwide.

Emissions and allergy testing:
With levels of pollution on the rise, and more cars on the road than ever before, reducing in-car emissions and ensuring clean in-car air has never been more important. Volvo is dedicated to providing a pure in-car atmosphere and Volvo child seats are specially designed to help achieve this. All materials used in the manufacturing of Volvo child seats has been carefully chosen to reduce the risk of harmful emissions and are thoroughly allergy tested.


In a frontal impact collision, the head of a forward-facing car occupant is thrown forward with considerable force. The momentum propels it downwards onto the breastbone and then back. An adult neck can withstand this strain relatively well, but a small child’s neck cannot. Given that frontal impact collisions are the most common type of crash – and often the most serious – it is particularly important for very young children to sit in rearward-facing seats.

Here is a little helpful information regarding rearward-facing child safety seats:

How long should children go on using rearward-facing seats?

Young children should continue to use rearward facing safety seats for as long as possible. A child should only switch to a forward-facing seat when it has grown out of its seat, or when its head can reach beyond the top of the seat. It is recommended that children go on using rearwardfacing seats until they are three years old, but preferably longer. The older a child is, the stronger its neck will have grown.

Why is this so important?

Because a child’s neck is vulnerable and simply cannot withstand the strain involved if
the head is propelled forward in a frontal impact collision. In a forward-facing seat, the neck is subjected to substantial force. In a rearward-facing seat, this force is distributed across the whole of the child’s back and head. The force of the impact that arises in rear-end collisions is generally not as strong.

How do you fit a rearward-facing infant seat?

Firstly, you must always follow the instructions carefully. All Volvo rearward-facing infant seats feature the unique ISOFix anchorage system, which makes it easier to securely fit the child seat. The rigid ISOFix attachments confirm when the seat has been properly installed. A child seat secured using the car’s own safety belt is as safe as one secured using the ISOFix attachments. Just make sure the safety belt is securely tightened. Many Volvo cars also feature additional anchorage points in the front seat floor rails for easy
attachment of extra tethers for large rearward-facing seats. If you have any problems, contact your local Volvo dealer.

Which is the safest position in a car for a child?

In a Volvo, all passenger seat positions are equally safe, but there will probably be other factors influencing your choice of location. Many people prefer to have their child within reach i.e. in the front passenger seat. However, if there is an activated passenger airbag in front of that seat, the child seat must definitely not be installed there. The rear seat is consequently the only option if the front seat has an activated passenger airbag. In some cars, the passenger airbag can be switched off when required. Your car may have a switch for this purpose, so check your owner’s manual for instructions

Website: www.volvocars.com/za

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