4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – SHOOSHOOS

Sep 07 , 2018

4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – SHOOSHOOS

It’s that time of year again…the 4aKid #WINBIG Competition is back!

Introducing 4aKid #Winbig 2018 Competition Sponsor – Shooshoos

At Shooshoos, big adventures start with a baby step.

This is our story…

Shooshoos™ are not just shoes. They’re custodians of first memories, protectors of knees and toes, liberators and fun-enablers. They are there at every stage of one of the greatest adventures your little one will know: childhood.

For us, baby shoes need to be equal parts functional as well as magical. They need to protect growing bodies so as to encourage curious minds, which is exactly what children need to explore, imagine as well as discover the world.

Shooshoos is built on the ideas of adventure, support, quality, play fun as well as design excellence. We have worked tirelessly since 1996 to bring the finest handcrafted leather shoes to fearless children and not-so-fearless parents around the globe.

Shooshoos are designed and 100% manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

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