Activities to keep your kids busy during school holidays!

Nov 29 , 2019

Activities to keep your kids busy during school holidays!

Are you excited about school holidays or not?

I reckon the stay at home moms, maybe not so much? I don’t know, but I love the school holidays because it means in the morning I can get about my business. We don’t have to make lunchboxes, I can sleep in an extra 15 minutes…. bliss. BUT I do leave my kids at home with my poor mom and the nanny, so for her, maybe not as exciting…with endless snacks, and ‘I’m bored‘ being the order of the day. I’ve received some really cool kids products recently and they inspired this blog post. I don’t have money for the kids to be going to movies and whatever overpriced activities there are, so to find some cost-effective activities to do at home, I reckon is win!

The point of this post is to encourage you to get your kids away from their electronics, to spend time bonding, creating memories…and to be creative during the school holidays. I like kids to use their brains, their imagination and be as creative as they can be…so with that in mind, let’s get started!

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