An Ordinary Girl reviews 4aKid’s Easy Peesy Froggy Urinal

Jun 14 , 2018

An Ordinary Girl reviews 4aKid’s Easy Peesy Froggy Urinal

Make it fun if you can

We received this super cool frog urinal from 4AKid and I can tell you that this frog is the answer to our potty training dreams when it comes to urinating. Adam was very excited when we received this and every time he does wee, he drags us by the hand to the frog. It’s really easy to use and clean, in that we can lift the ‘urine collecting tray’ (the light green part) off the wall, empty it into the toilet, rinse and put it back. It just clicks back into the dark green ‘holder’.

Also there’s a little orange windmill for him to aim for, that turns if he hits the target, to just add that additional element of fun.  If you’re a boy mama, definitely check this one out over here. If you’re a girl mama, there are also some other potty training aids on the website, so definitely go check the site out!

Praise goes a long way

A high-five, a star on a reward system…50 bucks (I mean once he reaches 10 and he’s still in nappies…I may need to up the reward system)…whatever works. I remember Joshua loved high fives…which kid doesn’t? We’d literally tell the whole house to high-five him like he’d just scored the winning touch down for Bafana Bafana. Yes….touchdown….whatever. My blog, I can make up my own sports nonsense.

As we approach Adam’s 3rd birthday…..I really hope that we will be a potty training success story soon, but if not…..mama will just need to be patient. As long as dad keeps changing those vile poop nappies, I can be patient. There is no rush, as rushed as I sound….we’re waiting until Adam decides he is ready. After all…he is the #BossBaby of our home. If the boss wants to stay in diapers…the boss will stay in diapers ????

Hit me up with your best tips, especially if your kid was also a difficult one to potty train!

Thank you 4AKid for sending over the frog urinal! As always, when a product is sent to me, I choose if I want to review it or include it in a post. All opinions are my own. 

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