Sep 25 , 2018

Bedroom Lighting @ 4aKid

At 4aKid, we offer an awesome range of bedroom lighting!

From necessity lighting to decor lamps, we have what you need to glam up your bedroom. These light are ideal for birthday, Christmas or baby shower presents.

3D LED Tunnel Lights

These lamps have a gorgeous “infinity mirror” illusion that makes the light appear as though it’s an endless tunnel creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Available in 3 gorgeous designs.

Honey Bee Lamp

With a touch-sensitive switch and dimmable brightness, this natural LED buzzing lamp is eye friendly as well as reduces eye fatigue and with its highly flexible neck, you can adjust it to different heights and angles.

Moon Light

This rechargeable moon night light will create a gentle as well as relaxing environment. Using touch control you can change the color ambiance of the moon lamp to your preference, encouraging your child’s imagination as well as creativity further than you can imagine!

Dream Planet Light

Transform any room into a planetarium within seconds! Ideal sleeping companion for your child at night as well as a cool decorative lamp. Kids will fall fast asleep while drifting trough the milky way.

Baby Unicorn Night Light

Add a touch of magic to any bedroom or nursery. With a warm glow, the little unicorn creates a calming environment, making it the perfect napping companion for your baby.

COB Switch Light

With an on/off switch, this COB Switch Light is perfect to place where your child can reach a light source when needed, encouraging your child’s independence at night.

Multifunction Clip LED Light

A must-have little multi-tasker for your home! Versatile and compact, this Multifunction LED Light ideal for diaper changes, feedings or just check-ins.

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