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Breastfeed your newborn without pain within minutes.

Breastfeed your baby confidently and latch without pain

Breastfeed your newborn without pain within minutes. Give yourself and your baby the best healthy start with our set of Breastfeeding help videos. Expert advice from internationally renowned lactation expert and nurse Kate Hale.

Breastfeeding Help offers you a complete and effective technique that will teach you to deeply latch your baby and breastfeed without pain within minutes for a
contented baby and an end to sore nipples.

I really encourage new mums to get Kate’s help as I know personally what a difference it can make…things she said stayed with me and starting off well with a baby feeding and settling is an enormous gift.

~ Dr Anne MacGibbon, Obstetrician and mother of three

Now parents anywhere can benefit from Kate’s help with her DVD. Her tips are easy to follow through simple explanation and real life demonstrations. Most importantly, they work.

~ Tara Brown, 60 minutes reporter – channel 9 Australia, mother of two.

Breastfeed your baby confidently and latch without pain and learn fast effective solutions to common breastfeeding problems. Master a range of baby care techniques including wrapping, bathing and dressing your baby with Breastfeeding Help’s instantly downloadable videos.

All you need to know in expert, easy to follow videos, including:

  • Breastfeeding techniques to end sore nipples
  • In depth latch and breastfeeding demonstrations with a real mother and real baby.
  • Techniques to maximise each feed for a full and contented baby
  • Expert advice on knowing how much milk is left in each breast
  • Tips to increase your own breastmilk supply
  • Information on how your breasts will change during pregnancy
  • Understanding Mastitis and how to prevent it
  • Baby massage and bath demonstration with a real newborn
  • Baby dressing and wrapping techniques with a real newborn
  • How to express and store breastmilk
  • …and more!

Meet Kate Hale, RN RM IBCLCMeet Kate Hale, RN RM IBCLC

Kate Hale is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Kate has spent the last 25 years providing postnatal care to thousands of women in her private practice and in maternity hospitals throughout Australia.

Kate knows the issues new mothers face, and the challenges that come with caring for a new baby. She has condensed her years of experience, study and research into developing easy to follow videos that will help new mothers learn to breastfeed without pain, understand their breast milk supply and learn ways to increase breast milk supply.

Kate knows the importance of including fathers in the early days of parenting. She has created her specific video on baby care showing easy to learn techniques for mothers and fathers on baby bath, baby massage and baby changing.

Kate is a mother of four children. She lives and manages her own private practice in Sydney, Australia.

Breastfeeding and baby care made easy. Download our comprehensive video modules now and be on your way to pain free breastfeeding and complete baby care today.

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