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eelGood Colic Calmer will soothe your baby’s stomach, help to relieve wind and reduce fretfulness, helping your baby (and you!) to have a good night’s sleep.

FeelGood Colic Calmer

FeelGood Colic Calmer will soothe your baby's stomach, help to relieve wind and reduce fretfulness, helping your baby (and you!) to have a good night's sleep.

FeelGood Colic Calmer will soothe your baby’s stomach, help to relieve wind and reduce fretfulness, helping your baby (and you!) to have a good night’s sleep.

FeelGood Colic Calmer is a specially formulated homeopathic remedy which is gentle and effective and safe for use by even newborn infants.  This remedy is easy to administer and is both safe and effective for even newborn infants

The Natural Way

“Children have problems too! Many medicines for children contain additives, artificial colorants and preservatives. Some are addictive and others may cause side effects which end up being worse than the condition that they are supposed to treat. Parents are understandably concerned and may feel confused about what they can and cannot give their children.

As a Psychologist and as a parent, I have seen a need for safe, effective and healthy natural remedies especially formulated for children’s health. Together with Native Remedies, I have spent a lot of time in researching and formulating a range of natural remedies, especially for young children. All remedies are herbal or homeopathic and carefully chosen for maximum effect and maximum safety, to safely heal and solve your child’s problem – naturally. While herbal remedies help to heal and promote health, homeopathic remedies work by strengthening the child’s own body to heal itself. The remedies are non-addictive and presented in child-safe doses. No artificial colours or preservatives are used and manufacturing is in accordance with the highest pharmaceutical standards.”

– Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

How has Colic Calmer helped others?

“I am a single mom and it isn’t easy to cope with a new baby, especially one who has colic. You want to do everything right but sometimes it feels like you do everything wrong. The sister at the clinic told me about ColicCalmer and I can see why she recommends it. I just give a little to my baby and she goes back to sleep in no time – I would never be without it! They say it works for teething as well!”

– Lynne (UK, single mom, 24)

“Please ship ASAP. Thanks! I am a firm believer in this product for teething and irritability.”

– Dawn


All BabyNature products have been developed with care by a Clinical Psychologist, are 100% natural and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile during pregnancy and infancy. 100% NATURAL: BabyNature products contain no animal products, gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Colic Calmer contains the following proven ingredients in homeopathic formulation:

Chamomilla 6C is a well-known homeopathic remedy for infant colic and teething.
Mag Phos 6C is an effective and gentle homeopathic painkiller and is often recommended to safely treat cramping pain. It is suitable for all age groups including small babies.
How do I use Colic Calmer?

Colic Calmer is presented in fine, lactose granules that dissolve easily on the tongue making it easy to administer to babies.

The DO’S and DON’TS of Handling Colic:

  • Do consider eliminating milk products, eggs, wheat, nuts and berries from your diet if you are breastfeeding as this can provide some relief from colic. You can also restrict very acidic foods, spicy foods and caffeine and keep your diet fairly bland. It’s also a good idea to start a food diary and begin by eliminating all problem foods. You can then slowly start to re-introduce them into your diet while noting the baby’s colic reaction.
  • Do drink herbal teas such as chamomile, vervain and lemon balm instead of your usual tea or coffee as these have a soothing effect on both mother and breastfed baby.
  • Do try experiment with a few simple feeding changes and see if you notice any changes:
  • Try feeding your baby more frequent smaller feeds every 2-3 hours.
  • If your baby is bottle-fed ensure that the nipple size and shape is correct for your baby’s age
  • If your baby takes less than 20 minutes to complete a feed, you may need to swap over to a smaller bottle nipple
  • Talk to your paediatrician about changing to a hypoallergenic formula
  • While feeding your infant always ensure that they are in a diagonal position with their heads higher than their feet
  • Always burp baby frequently. This can be done every 10min of breastfeeding and every 30 to 60ml of bottle-feeding
  • Do make sure that your baby is not swallowing air while feeding as this can result in wind and furthers their discomfort
  • Do make sure that you are taking care of your own needs. Colic is tying for both baby and parents so do not hesitate to ask for help and be sure to get in a little relaxing “me-time” each day.
  • Don’t stop breastfeeding. Colic is equally likely to occur in both breastfed and bottle-fed babies.
  • Don’t switch and swap your baby’s formula brand. If you are considering changing to a new brand, speak to your paediatrician first.
  • Don’t hesitate to call your paediatrician if you are concerned. In many cases where colic is assumed, it turns out there were other medical reasons for the crying such as an ear infection or food allergy that may need to be dealt with.
  • Don’t wait until you have reached the point of desperation before asking someone for help. Accept babysitting offers and look after yourself. If ever you feel like hurting or shaking your baby, simply put the baby in a safe place like their crib and leave the room for a few minutes while you gather your composure – then call someone to relieve you of baby duty for an hour or two.

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