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FeelGood Sleepy Sprinkles

Babies...and parents need their sleep!

Feelgood Sleepy Sprinkles is a natural, safe and effective homeopathic remedy to relax babies and support peaceful sleep.

Feelgood Sleepy Sprinkles: The Natural Way

Remember that your little one’s sleeping pattern at this point is very dependent on his or her feeding patterns. Small babies require regular feeds and may only be able to manage intervals of 1-3 hours between each meal. Your baby is also dependant on you for comfort and assurance and may need your help to fall back asleep once woken.

It helps to start getting in a healthy sleep routine as early as possible. You can do this by winding down at bath time, dimming the lights and hushing your voice when bedtime approaches. When it comes to night feeds, help your baby understand that there is a difference between night and day feeds by keeping the light off, speaking in a soft voice and only changing your baby’s diaper if necessary.

From around four months you can start getting your little one ready for bed when he or she is feeling drowsy but not yet fully asleep. This will help to encourage babies to fall asleep on their own. Try to avoid introducing solids too early as this can cause digestive discomfort in your little one, especially at night.

These tips, together with Sleepy Sprinkles by BabyNature will help your little one to relax, fall asleep easier and encourage them to sleep through the night, which will help to establish healthier sleeping patterns.


Sleepy Sprinkles is free of gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and contains the following proven homeopathic remedies in baby-safe strengths:

Aconite (C30) – a proven homeopathic remedy to soothe anxiety, fretfulness and restlessness.
Cina (C6) – Cina works well for babies that are irritable, ‘touchy’ and tend to have temper tantrums at bedtime and who often twitch, toss and turn in their sleep.
Chamomilla (C6) – this is a well-known on-the-spot homeopathic remedy used for its soothing and calming properties. Not only is Chamomilla beneficial for inducing drowsiness safely in new-borns, but it is also effective in calming digestive upsets and colic, soothing teething babies and alleviating feelings of separation anxiety.
Pulsatilla (C6) – is an important nerve relaxant with well-known calming and soothing properties. This homeopathic ingredient is particularly beneficial for fretful, restless and anxious babies that struggle to fall asleep.
Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

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