How do you get your child/ baby to sleep?

Dec 13 , 2016

How do you get your child/ baby to sleep?

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Sleep Routine – How do you get your child/ baby to sleep?

Answers from 4aKid fans:

Kellie De Sa We have a routine for our 1 year old. Supper. Bath. Sleep
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Lizanne Fivaz My lg is almost 4 and she knows bed time is bed time .. no fuss! A good set routine from day 1 is the only way
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Dhurriyah Deona Maartens bath and sleep routine
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Nolene Harichandra My lg was very good, if she was tired she just slept even now she just goes to bed by herself.
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Fidaa Mhd Samir My baby 2 years old just put him in the bed and turn the light off and put a quit music for him
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Nicole Antoinette Coetzee I just put my 20 month old don in his bed and say good night with a kiss, turn the light off and he just goes to sleep.
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Reshma Reddy my lg is 5 did nt have a hassel wid ha n bed time.a nice bath n nap time.sometimes moans 4 a curdle.
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Gwen Hedges Advice from our paed 14yrs ago – routine, routine, routine! You are the boss, put them into bed and walk away. Do not make eye contact after saying goodnight. If they get up, take them back and say sleep time. Our daughter would cry till she got sick. Dr Bartlett said I must let her sleepnin her sick once saying she would never do it again. Fortunately just the threat of leaving her in her mess stopped her from doing it. Good luck mommy
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Paula Harris Gave them a warm bath before they go to bed.
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Nomonde Sibozo Mine always sleep around 1 o’clock in the morning , how can I change that and he doesn’t drink milk, his 2yrs 10mths
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Beverley Rademeyer Moreland For my 4 and 2 year old girls its about routine -Bath, dinner, hot chocolate and bed. They both are proud of their routine. The 2 year old has always wanted to just be put down and left. Even now she will say “leave now mommy so I can sleep”. The 4 year old was a good sleeper until the baby came alone. After month of lying with her until she fell asleep, I just put my foot down. She screamed so much I told her to keep quiet or I would be forced to take her outside. I never had a problem again.
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Angela Coetzer Eldest (8), tell her it’s bedtime… She says good night & off she goes. Youngest (14m), usually lays on a blanket with a pillow on the lounge floor & drinks her bottle or she’ll lay on the bed with me & fall asleep
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Raeeda Adams Jacobs Glass of warm milk and tuck him in then his off to dreamland . His now 2years and 7months . Sleeping & naptime is way too easy
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Charne Jonker my baby girl will be 1 on saturday. I just put her in her cot with her blankie. she talks abit then falls asleep.
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Missy Richards Bath and bed with a bed time story
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Lynn Kolesky My daughter (3) needs someone to sit with her till she falls asleep, but we don’t mind. My son (15wks) just puts himself to sleep. We put him down after feeding, he ‘talks a bit’ and when we look again he’s asleep.
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Cathy Marsh My grandson is 19mnths old … Always sleeps at around 9am for 1hr 45min then again at about 2pm for an hour and in the evenings he goes to bed around 8pm … He wakes around 6am each morning
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Celeste Wilkins We put a DVD on in his room and lie with him till he’s asleep. He is 4 1/2 and we love doing it.
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Amor Herbst For our 3,5yr old, a story and a milkie. For our 6mth twins, boobie is a winner;-)
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Jodene Thring Cochrane He’ll be 1 tomorrow, I know when he’s tired, put him in his cot with his bottle n he falls asleep.
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