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Moms Top Picks for July 2019

Moms Top Picks for July 2019

Mom's Picks of the week: Best overall baby and toddler products - Chosen by You! Meet the 4akid product winners of July 2019. From Products for Mom, Baby Care Products, Car Safety, Toddler Feeding, Bath Time Fun and Arts & Crafts and so much more. 


Mom’s Picks of the week: Best overall baby and toddler products – Chosen by You!

Meet the 4akid product winners of July 2019. From Products for Mom, Baby Care Products, Car Safety, Toddler Feeding, Bath Time Fun and Arts & Crafts and so much more. If you’re wondering which of these mom’s picks are champions, take a look at our “chosen products for July 2019” checklist.

Mom's Picks of the week: July

  1. Camo Torch 9 LED

The Camo Torch 9 LED is perfect for the child that loves to venture outdoors exploring!

Portable as well as light, this Camo Torch 9 LED is the perfect size to carry in your pocket. In addition, it will provide your child with illuminating fun during camping trips, friendly sleepovers, hiking and so much more. This flashlight is super bright and includes batteries for immediate use. Made of high-quality anodized aluminium, this torch is strong as well as durable for 100 000 hours of light.

Use the torch to play some awesome games such as shadow puppets, morse code, storytelling or flashlight tag

  1. Feelgood Dudu Drops

Feelgood DuDu Drops are natural, safe and effective sleep drops for children and babies over 12 months

FeelGood Du Du Drops is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy specially formulated by our Clinical Psychologist to calm and relax young children and induce a state of drowsiness. Du Du Drops is 100% homeopathic with proven ingredients making the formula even more effective for a wider range of childhood sleep problems.

Some children remain difficult to put to sleep, no matter what you do. There are children who become anxious around bedtime as they anticipate a struggle with parents and this makes them exhausted, tearful as well as ‘difficult’ to manage, yet determined not to go to sleep!

New homeopathic formula.

  1. Animal Corner Guard – Brown Teddy

These adorable Animal Corner Guards will protect your child from sharp corners!

We as parents know how wild and excited our kids can get, these animal corner guards will help protect on-the-go children. These cushion guards will fit on any sharp corner to help minimize injury.

From glass tables, shelves as well as other sharp corners anywhere around the home, this product is a must for your childproofing checklist!

Also Available in:

  • Animal Corner Guard – White Kitty
  • Animal Corner Guard – Green Frog
  1. Curved Toddler Spoon and Fork – Pink

Encourage independence during meal-times and promote self-feeding with the Curved Toddler Spoon and Fork.

At some point, every toddler grasps the opportunity to feed themselves. The Curved Toddler Spoon and Fork makes this transition a piece of cake! Curved for easy feeding, this cutlery set also has a short wide handle making it easier as well as more comfortable for little hands to hold.

This set is designed for right-handed toddlers.

Also Available in:

  • Curved Toddler Spoon and Fork – Green
  1. Big Duck Bath Toy

Do you battle to get your kids into the bath? This Big Duck Bath will get your kids climbing in the bath in no time at all!

Get kids excited for bath time with the Big Duck Bath Toy. Not only is it simply adorable, but it’s also the perfect bath companion for your toddler or child. Keep them entertained while you wash them. Not only is the bath toy fun and colourful but it also helps your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  1. Baby Care Kit – Pink

Everything you need to care for your newborn is on hand in this Baby Care Kit.

With 10 pieces, this Baby Care Kit has basic essentials required for newborn, infants as well as toddlers grooming.

This set includes baby nail clipper, files, and scissors specially made for babies hands. A soft brush and comb. It also includes a digital baby thermometer and baby aspirator for those sickly moments as well as tweezers, a dropper and a fingertip toothbrush.

Also Available in:

  • Baby Care Kit – Blue
  1. Water Dispenser – Mouse

Keep H2O on tap and your kids hydrated with their very own Mouse Water dispenser!

This Mouse Water Dispenser is so adorable. You can dispense your favourite beverage such as water, tea, juice and more. This little mouse will encourage children to drink more water. It holds approx. 2 litres – equivalent to 8 glasses. Use this dispenser anywhere at home or in the office. It includes a base for stability, an easy-to-use spout as well as space to set your cup inside for pouring.

Also Available in:

  • Water Dispenser – Mouse
  1. The Electric Lunch Box

Finding those cold lunches are beginning to bore you? Prepare yourself this coming winter with warm delicious homemade meals with the Electric Lunch Box.

This Electric Lunch Box is lightweight and portable. With 2 spacious compartments as well as detachable food box, it allows food, soups and so much more stays warm through these chilly days.

It uses a PTC element for heating which enables food to maintain temperatures for long periods of time. This lunchbox is safe, convenient and energy-saving.

Available in:

  • Pink and White
  • Green and White
  • Blue and White
  • Yellow and White
  1. Seat-Belt Pillow – Pink

Pink Seat-Belt Pillow provides cushioning and support for sleeping children in the back of a vehicle.

Suitable for all types of safety belts, this Pink Seatbelt Pillow will make long journeys for both you and the children more comfortable. No more aches in the neck while they sleep. Let them drift off to dreamland with this super soft micro-fleece pillow that attaches easily and securely to the safety belt.

Also Available In:

  • Seat-Belt Pillow – Blue
  • Seat-Belt Pillow – Grey
  1. Magic Light-Up Drawing Pad

The Magic Light-Up Drawing Pad will provide your little one with a new, fun way to draw, sketch, and create! 

Illuminate your child’s imagination with this amazing Magic Light-Up Drawing Pad. Simply sketch your favourite picture then press the button to make your art glow brightly on the crystal clear screen. With a variety of different as well as colourful light effects, you can draw your imagination wild! And when you are done, just wipe clean and start again. This fabulous pad is also ideal for spelling words, math’s sums or playing games like Tic-tac-toe.


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