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New warning about kids and trampolines

New warning about kids and trampolines

New warning about kids and trampolines: “It’s like getting hit with a hammer.”

An engineer has issued a renewed warning about the dangers of trampoline parks, telling parents that the multiple surfaces actually transfer energy between them making jumping a very unpredictable – and potentially bone-breaking – business.

The physics of jumping

Biomechanical engineer and university professor Pete Pidcoe told CBS News that his six years of trampoline park research has confirmed that an entire trampoline park can turn into one large, bouncing surface.

“We found there is energy transferred between trampoline beds. It’s really one big trampoline,” Pete said.

He notes that because the surface is so unpredictable, it’s easy to sustain injuries.

“The trampoline surface is changing height. Have you ever stepped for a step that isn’t there? Picture having that happen on a trampoline,” Pete told CBS News.

People – and children in particular – are sustaining broken necks, broken backs and broken limbs as the force from moving trampolines is transferred to their body.


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