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Prettybelle reviews 4aKid’s Backpack Nappy Bag

Prettybelle reviews 4aKid’s Backpack Nappy Bag

The best nappy backpack for stylish Moms (and Dads)

The best nappy backpack for stylish Moms (and Dads)

“I’ve only got two hands!” I’ve heard that saying throughout my childhood, but never realised the true meaning until now…

These days I’m mostly resembling the old bakkies on their way to Mozambique (you know, that ones, dangerously swaying on the road, top heavy, loaded with everything from couches to kitchenware and even some chickens)?

My daily scenario…

I’m jumping out of the car, trying to get Minki out of her much-hated car seat as soon as possible, because she is starting to hyperventilate (not really, but she’s acting like it), I’m grabbing my phone, the groceries and of course Minki, who is insisting to be picked up right this second. Okay, I’ve got the groceries, my phone, keys and Minki… Let’s go! Nope… just when I turned around to start the long walk to freedom (our front door), Minki screams: “Haaaaaasie!”  And there next to the tire lies poor Hasie. Which means I have to put everything down, just to pick up Hasie and start again.

I never seem to have enough hands!?

Therefore I was over the moon when Ally from 4akid sent over this awesome nappy backpack for review. This is not your average backpack, it’s specifically designed for Moms who need eight (or more) hands on a daily basis.

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