We Can’t Get Enough of These Mickey Mouse Recipes!

Jan 26 , 2018

We Can’t Get Enough of These Mickey Mouse Recipes!

We Can’t Get Enough of These Mickey Recipes

With our favourite Mouse’s birthday coming up, we wanted to pay tribute with an assortment of treats that look just like him! From sugary cupcakes to savoury pepperoni pizza, we’re going all out to celebrate Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Breakfast

Oh, boy! Start your day the Disney way with a Mickey Mouse-inspired breakfast.


mickey mouse theme egg and bacon

Mickey Peppermint Swirl Cookies

With this festive cookie recipe, your family can get a head start on holiday baking in true Mickey style.


mickey mouse swirl cookies


Mickey Frozen Yogurt Bites

Looking for a healthy snack to serve up for Mickey’s big day? These three-ingredient frozen yoghurt bites are sure to satisfy any snack cravings.


mickey mouse froyo bites


Hidden Mickey Caramel Apple Slices

Not only does this caramel apple treat have a fun Mickey-themed surprise in the middle, but it’s also the perfect combination of tart apple and sweet caramel.


caramel apple slices


Mickey Pepperoni Pizza

What better way to celebrate Mickey’s birthday than with a pizza party!? Your family is certain to fall in love with this heart-shaped Mickey Pepperoni Pizza.


mickey mouse heart pizza


Hidden Mickey Cake

You can’t have a birthday celebration without cake, right? Serve up a slice of Disney magic with this tasty cake recipe featuring its very own hidden Mickey!


mickey mouse loaf


Mickey Rainbow Meringue Pops

These are the perfect treats for your next family gathering or birthday party.


mickey mouse meringue pops


Mikey Brownies

Ch-ears to all things Mickey! We love finding new ways to put our Mickey Mouse cookie cutters to use, especially on his day of honour.


mickey mouse brownies


Mickey Cake Jar

This adorable cake jar idea is a recipe and a DIY all in one! What better way to reuse your family’s old jars and create a picture-perfect tribute to The Mouse?


mickey and minnie mouse cake jar


Mickey Mouse Birthday Cupcake

Filled with sprinkles in the middle, this Mickey Mouse birthday cupcake is no ordinary sweet treat.


mickey mouse birthday cupcake


Mickey Ice Cream Sundae

Cherry doesn’t have to be the only garnish for your ice cream sundae. An adorable Mickey waffle cone chip will add the perfect touch of magic to every scoop.


mickey mouse sundae ice cream


Source: https://family.disney.com/recipes/mickey-recipes/



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