When did you start feeding your baby solids?

Dec 13 , 2016

When did you start feeding your baby solids?

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/4-A-Kid/156121949758 ) : 
When did you start feeding your baby solids?

Here are the answers from our fans: 

Tina Pieterse 4 months I started on baby’s first porridge
Yesterday at 9:01am · Like

Tracey Bruton All 3 my kids started @ 3 months…
Yesterday at 9:02am · Like

Ashleigh Sinclair Gage very early they were both having a tsp of porridge
Yesterday at 9:02am · Like

Dimakatso Modiba @3month
Yesterday at 9:03am via mobile · Like

Prelisha Arumugam When she was 5 months
Yesterday at 9:04am via mobile · Like

Delmaine Viret 5months. and banana
Yesterday at 9:04am · Like

Sharlene Collins 6 months for my first two, 7-8 months for Mackenzie
Yesterday at 9:05am via mobile · Like

Maryke Pretorius 6 months!
Yesterday at 9:08am via mobile · Like

Merle Smith @ 3 months
Yesterday at 9:08am · Like

Sunika Nattrass Both kids – just over 5.5 months.
Yesterday at 9:08am · Like

Malarie Pather @ 8months cos my bby had acute reflux and it was very difficult to get her to keep anything down…
Yesterday at 9:10am · Like

Jessica Lee Smith 1st child was 6 months by the book lol and 2nd was 4months as he started teething at 3!
Yesterday at 9:11am · Like

Mighan Struwig 4 Months and rice cereal
Yesterday at 9:15am · Like

Stephenie Slabbert Van Eeden 6 month
Yesterday at 9:21am via mobile · Like

Sanet En Andre Potgieter @ 2mnths nestum nr 1 and 3mnths purity 1 butternut
Yesterday at 9:25am · Like

Letitia Brandt 10 weeks cereal, 15 weeks veg, 16 weeks fruit
Yesterday at 9:36am via mobile · Like

Leolin De Sousa 6 months
Yesterday at 9:47am · Like

Zaida Colley at 4and half months with a tsp Rice cereal.
Yesterday at 9:54am · Like

Christine Roets Brits 6 months , veggies !
Yesterday at 9:56am · Like

Claire Cockerill 23 weeks
Yesterday at 10:08am · Like

Claudia Helena 4 and a half months on Organic Rice Cereal
Yesterday at 10:10am · Like

Louise Rossouw 6 months, rice cereal
Yesterday at 10:29am · Like

Gabi Riesnik 6months
Yesterday at 10:36am · Like

Mavis Galada At the age of 3months because I was breastfeeding she never drink a bottle
Yesterday at 11:26am · Like

Partygenie Both my angels at and half months
Yesterday at 11:29am · Like

Tanith Jacobs mine was 3 and half months
23 hours ago · Like

Rantha Nair 3 months, rice cereal
22 hours ago · Like

Nurie Kafaar AT 6 months. As they say before 4 months your baby’s stomach is not ready for solids!
21 hours ago · Like · 1

Chantelle Verreynne Matthee 6 months

** Give us your answer. When did you start feeding your baby solids? 

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