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High Demand And Ever Hungry Crowd Of Parents Desperate To Stop Baby Crying

Your Guide For Instant Natural Colic Relief

High Demand And Ever Hungry Crowd Of Parents Desperate To Stop Baby Crying.

Finally, an easy, simple and extremely effective method of Natural Colic Relief that really WORKS!

Natural Colic Relief With Baby Bowen

Congratulations on the birth of your lovely baby!

Motherhood is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life. You have gone through the trials of pregnancy, survived labour and now it is finally time for you to sit back and enjoy being a mother. However, the first few weeks are the most challenging times for a new mother. There is so much to learn and so many new gadgets to figure out! Have you been walking around like a zombie recently?

Are you sleep deprived, exhausted and overwhelmed?

Frustration starts to kick in when your lovely little one just can’t fall asleep or won’t stop crying. Does your baby go red in the face, draw his legs up and start crying? Is his/her tummy bloated and gassy? Or are they suffering from constipation? You start wondering what you are doing wrong. Am I a bad mother? Why won’t my baby stop crying? What can I do to help him? These are all normal questions that every mother wants answered.


Have you tried everything and yet nothing seems to work?

A crying baby is extremely distressing for a parent. Won’t it be amazing to be able to ease their pain and help them and yourself through this tough time?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do something to comfort your baby every time they cry?

What if you could help them sleep through the night?

What if I told you, that you could relieve your baby’s pain safely, simply and immediately with just 5 few very gentle moves?

Well, the good news is, you can….with Baby Bowen!

Yes, 5 easy, quick and very effective moves!

You can use this technique from day one of your baby’s life right through to childhood and even in adolescents.

No more sleepless nights….Baby Bowen is extremely gentle yet highly effective!!!




What is Baby Bowen?

Baby Bowen is the Bowen Technique for babies. The Bowen Technique is a very gentle, safe and simple therapy that is highly effective at easing discomfort in babies.

With just 5 simple pairs of moves you will be able to instantly relieve your babies discomfort.

The Bowen moves are made on specific parts of the body, such as across muscle on either side of the spine, that triggers the body’s natural responses to heal itself. It is non-invasive, and so gentle that it is hard to believe anything is happening.

It is NOT massage or manipulation.

Bowen acts to rebalance the nervous system. This is extremely important in all babies as birth is a traumatic experience for them. By re-balancing the nervous system you will feel the immediate effects of calmness and serenity in your baby and the causes of his discomfort will fade away. The result is a happy, healthy and balanced baby.

Think of it as pressing the reboot button on your computer! 

How Can It Help My Baby?

  • Colic
  • Wind
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Hiccups
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Stiff Neck
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Running Nose
  • Blocked Nose
  • Swollen Eyelids
  • Asthma
  • Eczema

 Stop Colic NOW!

Is It Safe?

Baby Bowen is probably the safest and most natural method of relieving colic available!

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle and safe therapy that is even used to treat newborn babies, the elderly and the very ill.

There are no negative side effects by using Bowen.

My aim is to provide you or your spouse/partner/friend with a tool to relieve your baby’s pain and make motherhood a happy and enjoyable time.

This step-by-step guide complete with videos, will teach you how to treat colic in your baby.

What’s In The Baby Bowen Guide?

  • Colic-Definition

  • Causes of Colic

  • What Causes Indigestion, Wind, Gas & Bloating & How To Prevent It

  • Your Babies Digestive System-How To Aid Babies Digestion

  • Does Your Baby Get Hiccups? Why & How To Prevent Hiccups…

  • Does You Baby Have Tense Muscles? How To Release The Tension…

  • The Background of the Bowen Technique, How it works and Why it works

  • A Step by Step Fully Illustrated Guide To Relieving Colic and Re-balancing The Nervous System

  • A Step by Step Video Guide-Relieve Colic

  • Tips To Prevent Colic

  • Exercises For Your Baby

Make Your Baby A Happy & Healthy Bowen Baby

I tried Bowen treatment as an alternative to physiotherapy and chiropractics for our baby who suffers from a wry neck. I could not believe how gentle it is compared to other therapies and so much more effective. After the first treatment, she was able to turn her head much more than before and she seemed much happier as well. I purchased Baby Bowen and have been treating her ever since. Thank You!’ P

‘So simple, so gentle and so effective!!Thank you for treating us and teaching me the Bowen move for out lovely baby girl. She has been an absolute angel these past two weeks!’ R.J.

‘Thank you for helping us and our baby. He is now sleeping so much better, no more colic and no more constipation. We are a much happier family now!’ T.K.

‘Our baby girl suffered from really bad colic. We tried everything! I am so glad we gave the Bowen Therapy a try. She has not had a single colicky episode since we saw you last…a month ago! Thank you!’ S. G.

‘It really works!! Our baby is 2 months old and normally wakes up 3 times a night. It is so difficult to get her back to sleep and she would be crying the whole night. I was so exhausted. My husband purchased Baby Bowen and the rest is history! She now only wakes up at most once a night for a feed and there is no more crying! She goes right back to sleep! Thanks for this awesome guide!’PP

  ‘Our baby James suffers from very bad allergies, eczema and has recently been diagnosed with asthma. We hated the idea of having to give him medication and drugs. So we gave Baby Bowen a try. It is so amazing! For the first time in 4 months, he slept through the night without any wheezing or coughing. Even his eczema seems to be clearing up! Our family doctor was so surprised to see him looking so well…I had to tell her about Baby Bowen. I highly recommend this guide to every mum!’CC

 ‘Cassie was born 3 weeks premature. She was tiny and had to have help breathing as she had fluid in her lungs. Our friend recommended we try Baby Bowen as it was so gentle and would help with her breathing. I was initially reluctant but was so frustrated at not being able to do anything to help her. The first night after her Bowen treatment, she managed to expel all the fluid from her lungs and for the first time she was breathing on her own!I was amazed! Cassie is now 6 months and we use Baby Bowen whenever she under the weather or just needs a boost! We are so glad we came across Baby Bowen!!’M.O.

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