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Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak (COVID-19) Kindle Edition

Coronavirus protection - Learn more about Coronavirus protective measures

The world we live in is staring at what seems to have the potential of becoming one of the most dangerous diseases ever witnessed on the face of the earth. This disease is a new coronavirus called coronavirus COVID-19.

Learn more about Coronavirus protective measures.

COVID-19: Coronavirus Disease - Predictions of the pan-demic and how you can stay safe Kindle Edition

With the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread getting closer to meeting the threshold for a global pandemic, having already claimed close to 3,000 live in different countries and with over 80,000 people already infected, everyone is concerned and somewhat wary of the coronavirus.

Will it become the next H1N1 flu pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands in 2009 or will it dwarf it to get to the leagues of the likes of the great Influenza pandemic, the Spanish Flu, the cholera pandemic, smallpox, Asian Flu, the Bubonic Plague or even the Black Death?

Why and how has it spread so fast?

Where did it come from?

What is known about its treatment so far?

How can you protect yourself and your loved ones from its spread?

What signs and symptoms do people show when they have the novel coronavirus?

Which countries have had cases of the coronavirus?

Which information out there is fact and which one is myth about the coronavirus?

If you have these and other related questions about the coronavirus, this book is for you so keep reading, as it answers all that and much more.

Here is what to expect inside this book:

  • The basics of the coronavirus, including what it is, how the virus manifests, what it does to the body before becoming deadly, and more
  • Where the Wuhan Coronavirus originated from and its detailed history
  • Those who are more at risk of contracting this deadly virus
  • The various symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus to look out for
  • How the virus is being spread from one person to another
  • The myths and misconceptions about the coronavirus
  • How you can keep you and your loved ones safe from this deadly virus
  • The statistics of how the virus has spread and the deaths it has caused
  • How countries are reacting to this deadly disease
  • What China is doing to contain the spread of this virus and help those already infected
  • The latest facts about the cases of this disease all over the world
  • How the virus is affecting the world economy
  • And much more

Whatever you’re hearing from news and social media about this deadly disease is informative but may not be detailed enough and some are out rightly not true.

Lucky for you, this informative guide takes an easy-to follow, non-alarmist approach to teaching you everything about the coronavirus so that you separate the facts from the myths as well as take the necessary precautions to stay safe!

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Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak (COVID-19) Kindle Edition

The most comprehensive book available about COVID-19. Contains 300+ pages created from more than 350 hours of research. (Updated on March 2, 2020)

The newest coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19 (previously 2019-nCoV ARD), has spread to more than 70 nations and sickened 90,000+ people (and possibly one dog) on six continents. This concise, 306-page guide to the illness offers a rational, non-alarmist approach from an Amazon #1 best-selling author.

Learn everything you need to know about the virus that originated in Wuhan, China, including what a coronavirus is, how you can protect yourself, the truth behind some of the most prevalent rumors, a detailed timeline of the outbreak, what several of the medical studies and experts have told us, and much more. Per the CDC's announcement that everyone should begin preparing for the inevitable outbreak in the United States, this book also includes a starter list of items that can help you get through a lock down or self-isolation period.

Suitable for individuals, families, healthcare professionals, educators, business owners, and anyone else who needs to develop a better understanding of how to protect the general public. This international best-seller will soon be translated for South Korean readers by renowned publisher Open Books.

Chapter List:


-What is a Coronavirus?
-Where Did the Wuhan Coronavirus Come From?
-Who is Most at Risk?
-What Are the Symptoms?
-How is the Virus Spread?
-How Can I Keep Myself Safe?
-What Supplies Would I Need?
-How the Coronavirus Affects the Body
-Are Pets Safe From the Virus?
-What Exactly is a Pandemic?
-Infections and Deaths

-What's the Truth About Common Rumors?
-Why Do Experts Believe That China's Numbers Are Being Under-Reported?
-What is a Global Public Health Emergency?
-Drone Technology Used to Fight the Virus in China

-South Korea
-Other Notable Outbreaks (Iran, Diamond Princess Cruise, the United States)

-Wuhan: Profile of a City Before the Outbreak
-A Brief History of Wuhan
-Wuhan Noodles
-Punk City

-A Timeline of the Coronavirus (Mid December 2019 - March 2, 2020)
-What's Next?

The Wuhan Coronavirus (AKA COVID-19, 2019-nCoV, and 2019-nCoV ADR) has sickened more people than SARS and MERS combined and has already killed almost 3,100 people. China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran have more than 1,000 cases each. In the United States, there are 100+ cases in 14 states.

These detailed 306 pages (last updated March 2, 2020) come from the author behind many other helpful guides, including Surviving Flu Season: An Influenza Survival Guide for You and Your Pets and Pete Buttigieg: An Unofficial Concise Guide to the 2020 Presidential Candidate.

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CORONAVIRUS :COVID-19:CONTROVERSY Conspiracy Theories Around the Demon Virus (Coronavirus, COVID-19, nCoV, Conspiracy theories, Survival manual, Wuhan Pandemic, Quarantine, Symptoms and treatment) Kindle Edition

The world we live in is staring at what seems to have the potential of becoming one of the most dangerous diseases ever witnessed on the face of the earth. This disease is a new coronavirus called coronavirus COVID-19.
From the day this virus broke in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, the number of deaths and people infected by it has been rising rapidly every day.

Most of what you know about the virus probably comes from avenues such as government briefings about the virus, watching interviews with doctors and medical experts dealing with the virus, reading blogs and articles about it, and perhaps society’s grapevine of misinformation.
That said, not all of the information you are getting about the virus is true. A lot of what you are hearing may be conspiracy theories based on incorrect information.
The purpose of this book is to illuminate prevailing COVID-19 virus conspiracy theories by fact-checking them. Before we can fact check the theories, you need to learn everything there is to learn about the coronavirus COVID-19 such as what it is, how it affects you as a human, its symptoms, its history, among other things.

The book sheds some light on some of these critical topics

  • What Is Coronavirus and how does it spread?
  • Coronavirus Is A Secret Chinese Bio-Warfare
  • The Novel Coronavirus Has A Patent and Vaccine
  • <li The Coronavirus Death Toll Is Worse Than Reported

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Coronavirus COVID-19: What is it and what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. A complete manual. Kindle Edition

 How dangerous is the Coronavirus? How can I protect myself and my family? Is the MASK effective? Which ones to choose? What occurs while your city gets infected? Can you answer 10 LIFE-SAVING questions? How to be ready for a Quarantine?

Micheal De Marco has Italian origins and his family and friends live in Italy. Italy is one of the countries in the world most affected by Coronavirus. This book is born from direct and real experiences. It collects advice from those who are fighting and winning against the virus.

DOWNLOAD:: Learn everything you need to avoid contagion and be ready in case your city gets infected.

Suitable for anyone who needs to develop a better understanding of how to protect themselves and their family

You will learn:
What a virus is and how it works, What Coronavirus is and their effect, What number of instances in the world?
Chapter 2: SYMPTOMS
The New Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV symptoms and clinical considerations, What are the symptoms this coronavirus causes?, How many people were affected?
Chapter 3: DEATH RATE
The New Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Death Rate, The death rate among patients admitted to hospital, Comparison with other viruses, Hong Kong reviews First dying From Coronavirus Outbreak
How is COVID 19 transmitted?, How the treatment is accomplished, First death among European returnees
What occurs while your place gets infected (Quarantine, etc.), How to be ready for a Quarantine, Steps to prepare for an Emergency, Fundamental catastrophe components kit
Chapter 6 THE MASK
How to protect yourself if you have to go out during a pandemic spread, Can a mask sincerely defend us from the COVID-19 coronavirus?, When it is beneficial to put on a mask, How to use them successfully
10 LIFE-SAVING questions

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Coronavirus Preparedness for Moms: A Practical Guide Kindle Edition

An easy to understand, practical guide to preparing your home for emergency situations.

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Surviving Coronavirus On Any Budget: Basic Preparation to Protect Your Family Against This and Other Pandemics Kindle Edition

This is the essential guide every family must have to be prepared for the Coronavirus, keep safe from this contagion, and to process new developments in real time.

Key Topics Covered Include:

What is the Coronavirus?
How dangerous might it get?
Who should we trust?
How can we prepare?
What will we need?
What do we do if we get sick?

This one book is designed to serve as an easy to use and handy reference manual to offer you and your loved ones the best chance to survive. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but be ready for anything.

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CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN: Essential Guide How to Prepare for Pandemics and Survive Kindle Edition

Are You ready for the Lockdown? In this Essential Guide, You will learn actionable steps for you to prepare for possibilities like a widespread pandemic, quarantines, and shortages...and how to protect your family if this becomes a worst-case scenario

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