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Brand-new show, Bionic Max, brings out Cartoon Network’s wild side!

Brand-new show, Bionic Max, brings out Cartoon Network’s wild side!

Bionic Max premieres on Wednesday, 20th of December on Cartoon Network Africa…

No matter how weird, quirky, or unusual our friends may be, they always make us feel right at home. Just look at Max, the first and only prototype for a bionic guinea pig born in a laboratory, and his best friend Jean-Claude, a goldfish, who join the Cartoon Network Africa family this December!

Join us every weekday for this brand-new series from the 20th of December as we follow these two very different but lovable friends in making a brave escape from their laboratory into the bustling streets of Woodchuck Woods. 

But adapting to the urban jungle is no small feat for our pair of intrepid misfits who try to fit in with the local wildlife while living madcap and clumsy adventures. The world, created by Thomas Digard and Emmanuel Klotz and produced by Gaumont Animation, comes to vivid and animated life before our very eyes. Max and Jean-Claude consistently end up in absurd and hysterical situations. Kids everywhere will escape into the chaotic madness, laugh out loud, and do what kids should do – have fun.

Cartoon Network can’t wait for viewers to discover this new slapstick buddy-comedy series which shares values such as freedom, solidarity, and enthusiasm through the clumsy adventures of JC and Max. 

There’s no limit to hilarious antics these two will pull and situations they’ll get themselves into to get their dose of freedom and adventure in this 2D-animated series targeted at kids between the ages of 6 and 11-years-old. 

Don’t be caught napping; tune in to Cartoon Network every weekday @ 17:45 CAT from the 20th of December!


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