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Getting child to eat more than Pronutro

Getting child to eat more than Pronutro

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Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ) :

Any ideas to get my 3+ grand daughter to eat more than just pronutro three to four times a day

Nikita Savadier stop feeding her pronutro…. she will eat other food when she is hungry and stops getting offered only what she wants.

February 12 at 8:22am · Like · 1

Colette Giquel Rossouw Stop buying pronutro? Lol. Only kidding. Make interesting snacks for her like vienna and cheese on toothpics and thin slices of apple, yogurts, chicken stew with rice, peanut butter and jam sarmies without the crusts which are cut into small squares. Maybe invest in a cookbook for kiddies that have ideas or simply google it!

February 12 at 8:26am · Like · 3

Fathima Khan Yes u gta stop d pronutro during d day…..she will cry of hunger but dnt give in… a plate of food in front of her & tell that this is what's 4 lunch/supper etc If she refuses (which she will) den tell her wen u ready to eat den she mus tell u & u will reheat 4 her. Dnt pay tooo much attention to her cries but @ d same time talk to her & tel her she Has to eat or else she wil get sick. Der Has to be variety in her meals…its very important

February 12 at 8:27am · Like · 1

Ellen Swanepoel I found that letting my son help make the dinner encouraged him to eat it. He is 3 and makes his own toast!

February 12 at 8:28am · Like

Ellen Swanepoel oh and cookie cutters go a long way to making a dreary sandwich seem like a treat!

February 12 at 8:33am · Like

Charleen Brits Have you tried Yogurt! Al kids love yogurt hehe, and I agree with Ellen, let them help make dinner, then they can taste how good their own food taste like!

February 12 at 8:33am · Like

Carla Love I am with all the ladies below! I don't give a options! That's what's for dinner/lunch and that's it! She will come and say I want … (Whatever) yes you can have after you finish your lunch/dinner! And if she really wants whatever! She finishes all her lunch/dinner! And forgets sometimes about what she wanted! All the best! Just a few days of putting your foot down! Xx

February 12 at 8:34am · Like · 2

Abby Sauter Hunt I agree that these are effective ideas. If her mom is one who hates to hear the crying, you might also try mixing some other flavors into the pronutro for your little one. That way there will be some variety of flavor and nutrition but an immediate, huge jump from the texture that your little one is used to. You will also be able to tell if your little one has some texture issues. You may still have to puree or serve soft foods until she wants to start trying some new stuff. At this age, it could be a battle of the wills (which you need to win) or just a preference/taste/texture issue. Kids all grow and move into new developmental phases at different rates. Another option might be to serve a small portion of something that you require her to eat before she gets her pronutro. This way your answer can be yes, you can have your favorite… as soon as you finish 3 bites of this. You will be able to gradually get her to eat more of the first and less of the second.

February 12 at 8:43am · Like

Catrin Eggers LET IT Go she Will come Around leave her be let she est what she wants talk about moon world playing what she want please om
Child psykolog i know this is best way

February 12 at 8:44am via mobile · Like

Amandice Haripersad Stop making the pronutro available.. Cut up other foods and leave it on the table for her to help herself.. Hope tht helps

February 12 at 8:53am · Like · 1

Adele Arnold There's nothing wrong with pronutro. At least she's eating food that is nutritious and filling. You could try a reward chart, she gets a sticker for every new food she tries, after 20 stickers she earns a small treat.

February 12 at 9:00am · Like · 1

Ayanda Maseko LOL! dont buy anymore pronutro

February 12 at 9:00am · Like · 1

Soria Grobler Finger foods. Let her play/eat with different types of food.

February 12 at 9:11am via mobile · Like

Ursula Young Agree on the mixing other stuff into pronutro. Yoghurt is great start. Also the have 3 bites of this then your pronutro is great idea. She will eventually realise that some of the stuff is quite yummy. Start changing ratio of pronutro to other stuff…… Also over exaggerate when you eat something nice and she might try out of sheer curiousity

February 12 at 9:18am · Like

Prea Govender In addition to most of what the ladies are saying, it would help if u involve her in maybe making simple meals in the kitchen with you… Start off with the simplest of things, peanut butter sarmies… And then once ur done, u take a bite n go on n n about how ABSOLUTELY amazing it tastes… Totally exaggerate the taste lol… That should work… goodluck

February 12 at 12:05pm via mobile · Like

Aakifah Abdul Rahman Goof five year old still drives me nuts with eating issues .fixated on cucumbers of all things:(

February 12 at 12:44pm via mobile · Like

Evonne Mcmillan My 5 year old will eat weetbix all day long if I allow her. I give her what I made and if she doesn't want, she gets no substitute. She will eventually get hungry enough to eat what's been prepared.

February 12 at 7:14pm via mobile · Like


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