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Get loads of cash back wherever you shop, be it in-store or online with Snap n Save'sĀ JOIN THE CASHBACK CLUB. Receive a free chocolate when you join šŸ«. Promo ends 28th February 2022.

JOIN THE CASHBACK CLUB with Snap n Save. Get loads of cash back wherever you shop, be it in-store or online. Itā€™s totally free! Upon signing up, you are prompted to snap any till slip which automatically gives you R5 into your SnapnSave wallet. Snap n Save then offers a free/R10 cash back chocolate deal plus another R5 on first till slip approval. So thatā€™s R20 in your wallet just for getting started!

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Sign up here Ā and use moya013 for your promo code! Promo ends 28th February 2022.

1) Discover & Book offers

JoinĀ SNAPnSAVE orĀ Log in

SNAPnSAVE is free and easy to use.

Book some offers

When you find an item you want, click the "Book Offer" button to reserve it for 48 hours. All the items you book will go into "My booked offers", AKA, your shopping list.

2) Let's go shopping!

Buy your booked items at your favourite retailer

SNAPnSAVE accepts valid till slips from most leading national retailers. That means YOU choose where to shop! Click on any item to see which shops it's available at.

Shopping Tip:

Take your phone along to the shop & use "My Booked Offers" on the mobi site or the app as your uber-smart shopping list.

3) Snap a photo of your till slip

It's kinda like a till slip selfie :)

Send us a photo/s of your till slip. It's how you prove that you bought the items you've booked, in order to get your cash back. Kaching!

Snap Tips:

If you have a long till slip, take multiple photos. Make sure the shop name, date, invoice & VAT numbers are clearly visible in your snaps.

Once I've got cash back, how can I spend it?

Once youā€™ve accumulated cash in your SnapnSave wallet (R50 minimum) you can cashout using various methods. Firstly, you can transfer your cash directly into any South African bank account using a simple EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). You can also request an instant cash ATM code whereby you can then draw cash from any Standard Bank ATM. Lastly, you can link to one of our partners and transfer your funds to the partners digital wallet.

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