Shopping Price War 2020: Woolworths vs Pick n Pay vs Checkers vs Spar

Oct 06 , 2020

Shopping Price War 2020: Woolworths vs Pick n Pay vs Checkers vs Spar

BusinessTech has tracked a basket of goods commonly found in middle class household shopping carts for the last five years.

Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown, South Africans have faced a highly stressful and financially challenging year. The 2020 basket, after the worst of the lockdown, averages at 5.6% higher than in 2019. However, some products have shown an average decrease in price year-on-year.

Below, BusinessTech basket comprises of 12 common food items that would be found in a middle class family shopping basket. Prices were sourced in-store from stores around Centurion and cross-checked online, where applicable.

Retailers compared

Woolworths Food still remains the most costly option for shoppers for some of their products. Pick n Pay is the only retailer to have two ‘house’ brands - PnP and No Name as shown on the graph below. Although Pick n Pay’s No Name basket compares favourably to the Checkers basket, Checkers remains the most affordable overall, coming in with the cheapest price in six of the 12 items measured.

Comparing basket prices from 2019 to 2020, Woolworths saw the biggest price increase, with Spar’s prices seeing the smallest jump.

  • Woolworths: +8.2%
  • Checkers: +8.1%
  • Pick n Pay (Premium): +6.9%
  • Spar: + 5.9%

Overall, you would pay 46% more for the average BusinessTech basket, compared to five years ago.


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