Aug 25 , 2019

BabyGym App

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Good motor skills are very important to babies and children! thumbs up emoji

So help your baby get a good start in life – get the BabyGym app now!

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With BabyGym you get 76 motor skill exercises developed by professionals for your 0-18 months old child.

In the BabyGym app, you can see which exercises you can perform with a baby of, say, 1 month or 6 months? This backwards somersault exercise is performed by Sofia 4 months old (and her mother).

RESEARCH shows that around 30 percent of all babies have motor skills challenges, which is a problem.

  • Development of motor skills stimulates the development of the brain and general learning
  • When your baby grows a bit older, good motor skills contribute to its sense of independence and confidence
  • Good motor skills help children enter into physical activities where social skills are developed

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HAVE FUN playing with your baby!

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