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my baby gal has a bad cough took her to the doc twice

my baby gal has a bad cough took her to the doc twice

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Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ) :
Hi my baby gal has a bad cough took her to the doc twice he prescribed prospan cough mixture she has a mucous cough and a runny nose. She is also almost 11 months and has no teeth.

Here are the fan’s answers:

Colette Van Heerden Prospan is brilliant cough mix.
February 13 at 2:48pm · Like

Monzelle de Villiers Prospan is great. Mine got her first tooth at 11m, 1w & 1d.
February 13 at 2:50pm · Edited · Like

Janet Claire Retief try demazin
February 13 at 2:53pm · Like · 2

Sunika Nattrass Demazin at bed time helps with drying the snotties up. You can also use Iliadin Nose Drops. My doc suggested I use 2ml Venteze and 2.5ml Dimetapp with my little girl. We’ve been warding off illness quite well this way the last couple of months.
February 13 at 2:57pm · Edited · Like

Bonita Abrahams Prospan does work, but she has a runny nose, so it can be the nasal drip making her cough as well, so try & get the runny nose under control
February 13 at 2:57pm · Like

Louise Rossouw I used Coryx pediatric for my lg and it worked like a bomb, she’s only just had her first ab at 3 and a half. i did give her coryx this time round too, but think i stopped it too soon and then got a secondary infection, tonsilitis…
February 13 at 2:57pm · Like

Janardi Nel Get mucus relief best couch meds
February 13 at 2:59pm · Like

Mhurai MaDube Chashe I am sure we would need to get the best advice from co – forumists but trust me most people here will tell you try this try that. There will be so much you will be told from here. These advices can be good or bad to your child but I think the best is to go back to your doctor and explain your situation before you do anything. He knows best abt your child than any one of us. Goodluck.
February 13 at 3:00pm · Like

Lynsey Strydom Prospan & damezin. If you can use nosefrida or babyvac to suck the snot.
February 13 at 3:01pm via mobile · Like

Shaheeda Laatoe Crombie if her nose is running clear in colour den dont worry bout drying it wil stop by itself..bisolvent linctus pead is a good wet cough medicine.
February 13 at 3:01pm · Like

Jenna-leigh Reddy Prospan is good so is Demazin.But if cough persist u should go back 2 ur paeditrician,he/she may suggest Physio 2 remove the phlegm
February 13 at 3:01pm via mobile · Like

Tiffany Valentina Use demazin , always works n drys the nose up almost immediately
February 13 at 3:01pm via mobile · Like

Tiffany Valentina For mucous you might need antibiotics
February 13 at 3:04pm via mobile · Like

Dora Kambouris Palierakis Nebulising is so important to help break everything down so it can clear up. Ask your dr right meds and advice on a proper nebuliser.
February 13 at 3:07pm · Like · 1

Marlene van Niekerk Coryx syrup and mucospect for the cough
February 13 at 3:08pm · Like

Nodumo Mtebeni prospan’z great been using it since nevr gave any problemz!
February 13 at 3:09pm · Like

Lee Liebenberg Demazin!
February 13 at 3:12pm via mobile · Like

Elize Wessels Allergex will also help dry her up. I also do believe in Demazin fir runny nose
February 13 at 3:17pm via mobile · Like

Debbie Barnett My daughter got first tooth day before first birthday. Dentist said good if they come later rather than earlier . Hope your little one is soon better.
February 13 at 3:29pm via mobile · Like

Jeanine Strydom Try some mucospect
February 13 at 3:47pm · Like

Rowen Fernandez Geswindt Mucospect is brilliant for that.
February 13 at 4:09pm · Like

Jen MacLeod Mucospect and rhinex might help too, that’s what we have
February 13 at 4:10pm · Like

Niki Steyl Agree with Jen. Mucospect breaks up the phlem and Rhinex dries the nose and also contains a bit of antihistamine. A good combination to use.
February 13 at 4:30pm · Like

Charné Kemp Coetzer nebulize three times daily. Softly but firmly Drum her on her back to loosen Mucus.demezin for runny nose. Prospan for cough.if you nebulize properely should clear up in 3 days.
February 13 at 4:49pm via mobile · Like · 1

Angela Norgarb A mixture of demazin and flemeze.
February 13 at 4:56pm via mobile · Like

Nicky De Clerk My sons get the same when they eat/drink milk products or egg whites. Our ENT diagnosed lactose intolerance… Maybe try to cut baby’s milk intake? Try soya? Both my boys get the same reaction to soya, so, they’re on solids and one is on RICE MILK from Woolies / Dischem. Cremora is also milk free.. Not for feeding but to put in tea or mix with cereal.. Monitoring their diets now, no more headaches the teeth will come! good luck
February 13 at 6:43pm · Like

Trishana Govender Nebulizer with saline solution works wonders
February 13 at 9:16pm · Like

Carla Love Also Vix
February 13 at 9:58pm · Like

Fidaa Mhd Samir Prospan is a very good medicine bec it’s component of natural herbs
February 14 at 12:22am via mobile · Like

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