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My son is 19 months old and weighs only 10.2kg. What can I give him to boost his weight?

My son is 19 months old and weighs only 10.2kg. What can I give him to boost his weight?


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Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ):
My son is 19 months old and weighs only 10.2kg. What can I give him to boost his weight?

Advice from 4aKid fans:

Annemarie du Plessis My little girl is almost 2 and weighs +- 10kg too. Some little ones are just small! As long as he is growing steadily and is healthy you shouldn’t worry. I have a very happy and healthy little one!
Like · Reply · 4 · Monday at 4:23pm via mobile

Maleeka Salie My son is 16 months and is 14kg LOL
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 5:07pm via mobile

Claire Adams Adendorff My son is almost FIVE and only weighs about 12kgs – seriously dont worry unless there is a medical reason for his low weight
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 7:51pm

Kerrin Jane Moore My daughter is 2 and weighs 10.8kg. We call her pixie as she is just a tiny wee thing. I’m not a big person and she’s petite like mom. I wouldn’t worry.
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 6:45pm

Ingrid Lester Peadiasure formula – is replacement meal, comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours.
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 4:50pm

Rayana Emandien How much did ur baba weigh when he was born?My son weighed 2.4kg at birth so the clinic explained that small babies pick up weight slowly but so long their growth chart arrow moves up we shouldn’t worry.
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 4:45pm via mobile

Faatima Saith-Bulbulia My lb is 22 months and weighs just under 11kg’s.. As long as he is eating well and not losing weight, and is healthy and active , u shouldn’t worry.
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 4:34pm via mobile

Stephenie Slabbert Van Eeden My son is turning 6 in july and weighs 16kg he is happy and healthy
Like · Reply · 1 · Monday at 4:26pm via mobile

Yulanda Ridge Add tahini paste to his foods. It is made from sesame seeds and will add extra good oils, protein and calcium. Avo’s are also excellent.
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 3:05pm via mobile

Jolene Davids Titus Nothing if his healthy. My daughter is 7 and she only weighs 19 kg but is very healthy.
Like · Reply · Monday at 8:40pm via mobile

Tanya Harri Frank My son is almost 2 and just over 9kg I give him s26 promise picky eaters, ferris forte supplement and he eats quite a lot. As long as the paediatrician has done the necessary investigations and your daughter is still active and thriving, I dont think you should be too concerned.
Like · Reply · Monday at 8:33pm via mobile

Violet Mama’Kagi Molepo Growth pattern of ur child will depend on his birth weight
Like · Reply · Monday at 6:56pm

Carmel Le Roux Pediasure, but make sure he learns to eat food at regular intervals, as chewing is part of their development. My LG is on Pediasure and she eats handfuls at a time – 1 small piece of meat/chicken/fish, cheese, small pieces of fruit, yogurt, small triangle sarmie, grapes, tablespoon of rice with gravy/stew, tablespoon of macaroni cheese, etc. Just little bite size portions at a time 5-6 times a day!
Like · Reply · Monday at 6:35pm

Colette Giquel Rossouw A multivitamin boosts appetite. Don’t give him meal replacement shakes. You can give him Nido if it’s age appropriate.
Like · Reply · Monday at 6:21pm

Ursula Young Add natural good fats to his diet e.g I added ground almonds to cereal, avocado mixed into veggies or on its own, full cream dairy (always), hummus on anything he might like. I don’t like things like pediasure because chewing, swallowing, eating is a developmental stage at this age. Nothing should replace “real” food. There are many ways to add more protein to a diet (which is essential for growth). Get inventive! and stop worrying my daughter is almost 3 and weighs about 13,5 kgs (she was 3,95kgs at birth!) ….and that’s been a struggle to get to…..but she is healthy
Like · Reply · Monday at 6:14pm

Farieda Toyer I used Vidaylin when my first born was born prematurely and he picked up a lot of weight. Vidaylin really works.
Like · Reply · Monday at 5:21pm

Lindi Swart My daughter is 6years old and weigh 17kg and by birth she was 3,3kg. Her baby sister on the other hand is 4mnth old and weight 7kg. My oldest is very healthy and there come days she eats me out the house and other times she doesn’t eat that much. So don’t stress at all. As long as your little one is healty and eating just deworm baby every 6months.
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:53pm via mobile

Denise Roux Pediasure!
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:37pm via mobile

Tanya Lubbe Pienaar There is nothing wrong with 10,2kg on 19 months. To be exact that is pretty close to the average weight of an 19 month old baby.
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:25pm

Aquanita Viljoen mommy i think you need to go see a nutritionist or maybe deworm him,
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:18pm

Danielle Hough P.S my babies both weighed 4.5kg at birth,so obviously they would weigh more. My girl is 22 months and weighs 14lgs and my son is 17 weeks and weighs 8kg. Both are growing exactly as they should according to birthweight correlation on their growth charts.
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:47pm via mobile

Danielle Hough I have two friends,both have toddlers who are over two and under 10kgs. They get dewormed,eat like little piggys,and are very healthy and active. I wouldnt worry about your childs weight unless he is sickly.
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:45pm via mobile

Marlé Kunneke If he’s healthy and got a good appetite otherwise, don’t stress. When he stops eating or gets sick frequently, you can take him for a check-up. And it won’t harm to deworm regularly.
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:33pm

Megan Robertson Your son could just be small bulit, my little girl is 31 months and weighs 11.5 kgs, she still breastfeeds and eats more than her 8yr old sister but she is healthy, thriving, growing, reaching all milestones. Not all babies are the same, we are all different, some big, some small. If your baby has been following his growth chart well then i wouldnt worry at all!
Like · Reply · Monday at 4:25pm


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