What Do You Do With Babies All Day?

May 18 , 2020

What Do You Do With Babies All Day?

You’ve planned for a child and carried him or her inside of you for almost nine months. Now that the baby is out, what do you do? Of course, there is feeding, pooping, changing, bathing, and sleeping. Well, not so much the latter at first. That couldn’t possibly take up 24 hours in a day, though. New moms and dads are left wondering “what now?” That is exactly why they incorporate Googling into their downtime.

Luckily though, unlike older kids, newborns don’t need to be entertained all the time. You could get a little OCD and create a schedule for your new baby and you to follow each day, or you could obsessively hold him or her forever. But if that’s not your style (and we’re guessing it’s not since you turned to Google for an itinerary), then take some of those precious free moments to take a shower or catch a nap for yourself.

source: https://www.thethings.com/

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