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Share your great tips for moms & dads with 4akid fans. Tips can be anything from  parenting advise, weight loss, cooking, cleaning, housework, career, schooling, recycling as well as DIY .

What’s your No.ONE tip for keeping a clean house?

4aKid asked on our Facebook page: What's your No.1 tip for keeping a clean house? We received some really amusing and funny answers as well as valuable advice from our fans: Marina La Grange Don't let the family in 🤣 Mpho Tshabangu Never leave dirty dishes Rene Fischer Don't live there  Tarryn Gander I have to agree with you LOL [...]

4aKid asked on our Facebook page: What’s your No.1 tip for keeping a clean house?

We received some really amusing and funny answers as well as valuable advice from our fans:

Marina La Grange Don’t let the family in 🤣
Mpho Tshabangu Never leave dirty dishes
Rene Fischer Don’t live there 
Tarryn Gander I have to agree with you LOL
Diane Lapointe Is it possible to keep it clean? I try to figure how people do it.
Elzette Van Biljon Nel Don’t have kids
Louise Fischer  gha! Don’t have a husband! Jokes…
Greta Schultz Kumm Move 
Jon Green Send the Kids to Grandma
Nicky Roberts Woodhall Get a cleaning company in …
Juanita Bezuidenhout Good luck
Jenavieve Joubert Dont have kids or a husband 🤣
Lisa Bennett Lower your standards … Your definition of “clean” needs downgrading.
Esté van Aswegen Get everyone to help
Nadia Nel No kids🤣
Kathija Adams Don’t get married don’t have kids lol…
MJ Loots Barker With kidos it wont stay clean 🤣
Jenna Geerdink Live in maid?
Davida Alexis DavidHow is that even possible???
Esmerelda Maarman Have kids play outside
Tammy Du Plessis Dont live in it
Jillybean McHendry Leave your house and enjoy your kids xx
Jeany Strydom clean house ?? whats that lol
Sonell Van Wyk Don’t try to keep it clean, you will epic fail
Tracey Lee Estrela Theunissen James Don’t have kids
Ronwyn Crystal Laubscher Dont live in the house.
Alison Houston Everyone stay out the house
Keren Zwick Move to a new house
Wendy Lombard The house will still be around when you’re long gone so don’t stress !
Erika Cerejo Wait till the kids are off to college
Elaine Thomas Cleaning your house with kids in it is like brushing your theeth while eating a oreo cookie!
Janine Keown No visitors after I’ve cleaned
Natacha Visagie Do a deep clean – a room a day. Keep the rest tidy. Wash clothes every day so it don’t add up. Leave toys until kids are asleep
Natalie Davenport Sending my children to school for a few hours 🤣🤣🤣
Chantelle Louwrens Lock your kids and husband outside 
Angie van Wijk Pack up and go camping 
Theshnee Reddy I’m definitely going to invest in those circular sweepers (not sure of the name)
Deidre Sharp Van Eck Lock the kids and husband outside. They can only come inside for bath time and sleep.
Priscilla Kupfavira And if they want food just put it on the stoop outside
Deidre Sharp Van Eck Priscilla Kupfavira exactly!!! Where the birds can eat the crumbs after they done. 
Chene Schmidt-dumont Hahaha haha drink wine
Ronel Kleinhans As long as your floors are clean your house looks clean
John Dunford Forget it!
Lynn-Rae Smith Clean at night and prepare in advance
Chrismarié Fourie Take off your shoes outside…
Louise Freeman I LOVE white vinegar – use it for so much. And bicarb. Put one tablespoon of white vinegar in a towel wash instead of softener, and see how soft and fluffy your towels come out. Bicarb for the fridge (absorbs smells) and the microwave with lemon on high for 1 minute, and you can just wipe off any dirt / fat. White vinegar added to tile cleaner for mopping floors is a great disinfectant, and smell absorber.
Samantha Lee Duncan Just pour a glass of wine sit on the couch and close your eyes . #3boys
Loreán Andrea Swartz Don’t wait for dirt to build up,& then you get overwhelmed,& you then hv to do it all at once. Try to just do a little bit everyday, develop a mindset of just keeping tidy a little bit everyday.
Portia MamaBino Thipe Who else is Here to take tips?
Agnieszka Barbara Schentke Don’t let anyone in it!!!
Blessed Qadiriyyah Pretend you cant see
Lindy Schoeman I am so glad I am not the only one with this problem. Clean the house every single day, doesn’t stay clean for even 5 minutes after the kids get home. I feel like my house is never clean enough to my standards and that bothers and frustrates me so much
Roxanne Clelland Life is too short to let that frustrate you 
Zakrion Carmen Lewin-Diedericks Lock your husband and kids out the house
Deidre Huisamen Move out 🤣🤣🤣
Jolene De Klerk There’s people out there who’s house is always clean??? Thought it was a myth 
Maresa Richards myne was 24/7 spotless skoon met 3kinders maar was darm n tuisbly mamma
Rochelle Barrish Send the kids to grandma
Anthea Wepener Frustrating. I clean every day
Durinda Olifant Don’t have kids if u want a clean house lol
Rachel Lewis Pay someone to do it for you Haha.
Get rid of stuff. Even if it’s just one pair of shoes from every family member’s wardrobe.
Do one thing every week that keeps things tidy… like gather all the paper in your house and then sort through it every day until it’s gone. Make a place for important papers to go.
If there’s a place that keeps getting cluttered, use it to display your favorite things instead. Like photos or ornaments
Charlotte Reyneke Routine and wine, wine for when the routine goes out the door and chaos comes in.
Linda Lipschitz Train the hubby
Elizabeth Else Don’t have kids or pets… Don’t live…
Judele Singh Send the kids on holiday
Linda Stephanie Mannion Not having children 
Bronwyn Hoogh Less clutter is easier. Never buy a beige couch!!!!!
Lizo Arkle omg yes. My next couch will be grey and heavy duty, scotch guarded to the maximum.
Lizo Arkle Make a “Toy Jail”, and if toys and the like are left lying around where they don’t belong, you get a reminder to put said item/s where they belong, otherwise they get locked up until you do an extra chore/duty.
Brian Woolhead What or who do people come to see?? You or the house???
Doug Carrier When you finished tell everyone to stay outside
Rentia Zulch Leave
Alasandree Naidoo Get a play room
Sonja AucamSomeone said routine and discipline, but that being said. I can’t seem to make it work🤔My baby is still young and I can’t leave him alone, he’s too cute
Hetta Roberts Dont live in it!!!
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