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What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ) :  What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ) : 
What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

Here the the answers from our fans:

Marisha Fedjo-Davey Twins!! lol
Monday at 8:48am · Like

Tina Pieterse How easy it actually was for me
Monday at 8:50am · Like

Carla Love That I felt on top of the world!
Monday at 8:59am · Like

Marthea Harmse Petersen ws ni su slaperig su d 1ste pregnancy ni
Monday at 9:00am via mobile · Like

Nkateko Fortunate Sithole Eating alot
Monday at 9:01am via mobile · Like

Gabi Riesnik That I LOVED being pregnant. Had hard tired days but more good than bad….
Monday at 9:11am · Like

Aziza Petker How can any1 sleep that much? And how little weight I’ve picked up! No complaints in those departments tho!:)
Monday at 9:11am · Like

Meagan Von Willingh How many crazy myths are out there!!!
Monday at 9:14am · Like

Claire Adams Adendorff That I could see my son’s feet outlined on my tummy when he was kicking
Monday at 9:19am · Like

Linda Nel Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Monday at 9:22am · Like · 1

Mi’chal Karen During How different being pregnant with a boy is then too a girl ! Really very different to me .
Monday at 9:42am · Like · 1

Roché Young How many more symptoms there actually are than the ones you’ve heard about…even from other Moms. For example, never knew nosebleeds were one.
Monday at 9:56am via mobile · Edited · Like

Nelisa Lufundo How I ate ginger biscuits and drank ginger beer.
Monday at 10:02am · Like

Lizelle Le Roux How much i enjoyed i!
Monday at 10:09am · Like

Ursula Young After all the silly worries, aches and pains?……how privileged I was to have 2 healthy girls…less than 2 years apart….just before I turned 40
Monday at 10:09am · Like

Maggie Thomson Finding out I was! xx
Monday at 10:38am · Like

Zulpha Cassiem Having so many different symptoms compared to my other pregnancies! Dealing with carpal tunnel and having had surgery as well! Other than that I’m excited to be a mom all over again
Monday at 10:50am · Like

Jeanette Van Zyl everything about being pregnant was awesome, had no problems throughout it all 
Monday at 1:02pm · Like

Margie Nicholson It’s the only time in my life when I felt beautiful.
Monday at 1:20pm via mobile · Like

Anthea Raubenheimer i developed sinus/hayfever
Monday at 1:23pm via mobile · Like

Natasha Moodley being pregnant when I least expected it LOL...
Monday at 1:27pm · Like

Nurie Kafaar getting high blood when i never had it in my life
Monday at 2:49pm · Like

Avril du Preez How sore a tiny person can kick
Monday at 6:51pm · Like

Suze Erasmus How quickly 9 months went past.
Yesterday at 6:34am via mobile · Like

Anna Aguilar Rodrigues that the “morning” part of “morning sickness” meant “anytime of day or night”


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