Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

Dec 13 , 2016

Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/4-A-Kid/156121949758 )
Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

4aKid fan’s answers:

Anne-Marie Proper None, I was in pain for 9 months together with nausea, heartburn, back problems, painful breasts, painful ligaments, cramps in the calves, heavy flu etc etc…. Need I say more? Must say when you’re in your late 30’s it is not fun at all….
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Michelle Claire Bella Richards Shame Anne-Marie sounds dreadful. But worth it in the end!
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Agneta Jenna Reddy From the 2nd onwards no morning sickness,nausea..etc..I really enjoyed showing of my baby bump and dressing up.Absolutely LOVED being pregnant.
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Rebone Kwadi De 2nd onward, no morning sickness
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Amor Herbst Haha… The 4th trimester – when they’re out! I’d much rather be sleep deprived with 2 newborns and a toddler than pregnant with any of them;-)
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Monique Raateland The fourth…
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Ulandi Botha No trimester!!!
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Larissa Antoinette Heath-Watson all, loved being pregnant
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Olivia Vlotman With my 1st pregnancy, all of them. I’m currently in my 2nd trimester, and for me its the best so far.
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Judy-Lee Brighton All of them!! Absolutely loved being pregnant!!!!
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Jeannette Cook I must say my whole pregnancy was the best didn’t have any problems except bladder infection.
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Rachelle Potgieter first, second and third. I had very easy pregnancies. Will do it a hundred times over!!
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Michelle Claire Bella Richards definate the 2nd – loved the last as I knew we were nearing the end…..
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Lynne Huysamen 2nd!
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Amber Lyn B Mine was the second, I didnt have an moring sickness period.
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Reline Grobler Naude All of them were wonderful. Starting at week 6 now again. No sickness whatsoever. Let’s hold thumbs I have a wonderfull few weeks ahead again.
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Robyn Christine Clark-Pitt my last trimester was my best!
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Louise Rossouw Very easy conception, pregnancy and birth!
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Fathima Khan 2nd was best both times
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Tlana Taljaard All
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Roxanne van Schaik 3rd Trimester was the best!
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Dani Tamblyn-Watts 2nd
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Carmen Louise Harper third
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Marion Hermans Second
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Gay Sarah Morgan NONE!!!
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Sandy Solomons The second, the nausea and tiredness was gone, and the libido was up!
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Violet Mama’Kagi Molepo 2nd was better
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Monique Fisher NONE
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Brigitta Bricks Grimsdell Second


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