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Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

4aKid fans share which trimester in pregnancy was their best 

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( )
Which trimester in pregnancy was the best for you?

4aKid fan’s answers:

Anne-Marie Proper None, I was in pain for 9 months together with nausea, heartburn, back problems, painful breasts, painful ligaments, cramps in the calves, heavy flu etc etc…. Need I say more? Must say when you’re in your late 30’s it is not fun at all….
Like · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 9:06am

Michelle Claire Bella Richards Shame Anne-Marie sounds dreadful. But worth it in the end!
Like · 19 hours ago

Agneta Jenna Reddy From the 2nd onwards no morning sickness,nausea..etc..I really enjoyed showing of my baby bump and dressing up.Absolutely LOVED being pregnant.
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:54am via mobile · Edited

Rebone Kwadi De 2nd onward, no morning sickness
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 10:43am

Amor Herbst Haha… The 4th trimester – when they’re out! I’d much rather be sleep deprived with 2 newborns and a toddler than pregnant with any of them;-)
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 9:59am via mobile

Monique Raateland The fourth…
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 9:09am via mobile

Ulandi Botha No trimester!!!
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 9:08am

Larissa Antoinette Heath-Watson all, loved being pregnant
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:59am via mobile

Olivia Vlotman With my 1st pregnancy, all of them. I’m currently in my 2nd trimester, and for me its the best so far.
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:55am

Judy-Lee Brighton All of them!! Absolutely loved being pregnant!!!!
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:44am

Jeannette Cook I must say my whole pregnancy was the best didn’t have any problems except bladder infection.
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:36am

Rachelle Potgieter first, second and third. I had very easy pregnancies. Will do it a hundred times over!!
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 8:33am

Michelle Claire Bella Richards definate the 2nd – loved the last as I knew we were nearing the end…..
Like · Reply · 19 hours ago

Lynne Huysamen 2nd!
Like · Reply · 19 hours ago

Amber Lyn B Mine was the second, I didnt have an moring sickness period.
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 2:17pm via mobile

Reline Grobler Naude All of them were wonderful. Starting at week 6 now again. No sickness whatsoever. Let’s hold thumbs I have a wonderfull few weeks ahead again.
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 12:40pm

Robyn Christine Clark-Pitt my last trimester was my best!
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 11:22am

Louise Rossouw Very easy conception, pregnancy and birth!
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 11:03am

Fathima Khan 2nd was best both times
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 9:26am

Tlana Taljaard All
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:50am via mobile

Roxanne van Schaik 3rd Trimester was the best!
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:46am

Dani Tamblyn-Watts 2nd
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:40am

Carmen Louise Harper third
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:39am via mobile

Marion Hermans Second
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:38am

Gay Sarah Morgan NONE!!!
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:35am

Sandy Solomons The second, the nausea and tiredness was gone, and the libido was up!
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:33am

Violet Mama’Kagi Molepo 2nd was better
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:32am

Monique Fisher NONE
Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:30am

Brigitta Bricks Grimsdell Second


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