Adult Fabric Mask - Navy- latest product from 4aKid

Apr 16 , 2020

Adult Fabric Mask - Navy- latest product from 4aKid

For those who prefer wearing a stylish face mask!

Recent studies suggest that wearing a mask is highly effective in preventing the spread of viruses. Masks ultimately prevent large droplets of bodily fluids that may contain viruses from escaping via the nose and mouth as well as protect against splashes and sprays from others, such as sneezes and coughs.

Double-woven, this Navy Adults Fabric Mask is light-weight and latex-free. This mask is made from cotton fabric and folded in layers for your protection and the elastic bands fit comfortably behind the ears. 

Product Features:

  • Adult size
  • Double-layer fabric
  • Double woven printed cotton for more resistance
  • Soft elastic bands for comfortable grip around ears
  • Washable and can be tumble-dry
  • Proudly South African

Please Note: This mask will not prevent Covid-19 but it will help to keep you safe in a measurable time frame.


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