Disinfectant Room Fogger - 400ml- latest product from 4aKid

Jun 13 , 2020

Disinfectant Room Fogger - 400ml- latest product from 4aKid

Foggers will add that final touch to room sterilization!

You have just spent hours sterilizing and you cant get those hard to reach places. This 400ml Disinfectant Room Fogger is an alcohol-based air fogger and the final step to swiftly and effectively sanitise the air and its contents in an enclosed area within your home or working area. An air fogger helps reduce or eliminate viruses, bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms. This canister takes approximately 3 minutes to dispense leaving the room well sanitized and the air cleaner.

Product Features:

  • Long-lasting surface and air disinfectant
  • Significantly reduces or eliminates bacteria, virus and fungi  
  • 400ml is required for a room +/-150 square metres
  • Can takes approx. 3 minutes to dispense and 30 minutes to air out 
  • Uses nozzle to self-dispense
  • Purifies the air
  • Easy to use

Please Note: This product is highly flammable and should only be used by an adult. Carefully read the instructions before use.


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