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Essentials Magazine Lockdown Survival Guide April 2020- latest product from 4aKid

Essentials Magazine Lockdown Survival Guide April 2020- latest product from 4aKid

Latest product from 4aKid. Check it out online

The lockdown survival guide every mom needs right now

The national lockdown is in full swing and right about now you might be running out of things to do to keep your kids entertained. You’ve watched all the Disney movies you possibly can by now that, that too has become boring. Not to mention the fact that you probably know every word to all their storybooks off by heart. What started off as an excellent opportunity for more family time and snuggles might have you a little stumped on how to fill the days with fun activities.

Never fear! Every supermom needs a little help now and again and we’re here to step in with just the solution. Our lockdown survival guide will keep your kids occupied and give you a bit of peace and quiet while you take that Zoom meeting or fire off a few emails.

The Essentials Magazine team takes the stress out of thinking of new ways to have fun during the lockdown with this fun e-book that you can download for free!

This e-book has everything from boredom-busting puzzles and easy-peasy crafts to simple baking recipes that are guaranteed to keep your kids busy for hours.

  • Get your kids to help out in the kitchen

Baking is a brilliant way to pass the time, plus you end up with delicious creations to indulge in. Win-win! Get the whole family involved in whipping up delicious treats from our ‘In the kitchen’ section of this fun lockdown survival guide. 

  •  Keep them entertained with puzzles

Let your children try out our boredom-busting colouring, word searches, and spot the difference pages.

  •  Get them crafting

Getting stuck into a project together with the kids will have you all smiling so enjoy our selection of quick and easy projects that you and the children can tackle together.


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