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natural remedy for bedwetting

FeelGood DryNight

Homeopathic natural remedy for bedwetting in children and improves self-esteem.


Feelgood DryNight – Homeopathic natural remedy for bedwetting in children

Homeopathic remedy for bedwetting (enuresis) in children

  • Relieves anxiety and relaxes nervous children
  • Tones and strengthens immature bladders
  • Reduces bedwetting and improves self-esteem

All about Bedwetting

Bedwetting (also called nocturnal enuresis) in children is common during the pre-school and junior school years and children vary in their ability to control their bladders at night time. It is quite normal for a child under the age of five to wet the bed occasionally and boys often take longer than girls to become dry at night. ‘Accidents’ do happen and should be dealt with kindly and sensitively in order to prevent emotional problems. Children who wet their beds should not be punished.

There are many possible causes of nocturnal enuresis (commonly known as bedwetting), including medical problems, emotional and family problems and immature bladders.

How can DryNight help?

DryNight is a 100% homeopathic natural remedy for children who wet the bed. It is presented in tiny mild-tasting homeopathic pillules that are sucked in the mouth.

If there are no underlying medical causes, regular use of Dry Night Bedwetting Formula can calm the anxious child and help to strengthen immature bladders. Dry Night has been specially formulated by a Clinical Psychologist in accordance with strict homeopathic standards to help your child to safely achieve bladder control at night time.

Say goodbye to smelly mattresses and wet sheets in the morning and help your child to be more confident!


Dry Night is an effective and proven homeopathic remedy containing:

Equisetum (6C) – a remedy which comes from Asia and is widely used in Chinese medicine. Used homeopathically, Equisetum is a proven remedy which is especially useful for all bladder complaints and also helps to relieve anxiety. The homeopathic formula is safe and effective for children who wet their beds, often during nightmares and other dreams.
Sucrose – inactive ingredient

How has DryNight helped others?

“My 11 year old son did not want to sleep out because he was afraid he would wet his bed. I felt so sorry for him, but nothing we did made any difference. Your ‘Dry Night’ Formula has him dry for the first time in his life and he is so proud of himself! Thank you!” – Margaret, USA

“This is a great product – we use it on my son. I can see the difference in his personality as he feels confident for the first time in a long while, being able to have a dry bed in the morning. Thank you so much…” Katie and Liam (8yrs)

“My mother who turns 89 this year has been singing the praises of this product. I had to mail in and let you know. Keep up the good work!” Lorna

How do I use DryNight?

DryNight comes in pillule form with a pleasant-tasting sucrose base and is easily administered. For children with a bedwetting problem, simply dissolve two tablets in a clean mouth twice daily until the child is dry for a few nights. Should the child begin wetting the bed again after a period of dryness, simply administer DryNight again for a few days until the problem clears again.

Feelgood Tip: If bed wetting is linked to trauma, depression or anxiety (often seen if there are family problems), the child may also benefit from Feelgood Health MindSoothe Jr or K-OK KiddieCalmer

Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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