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Feelgood Health - Triple Complex NicoTonic- latest product from 4aKid

Feelgood Health - Triple Complex NicoTonic- latest product from 4aKid

Latest product from 4aKid. Check it out online

Calms nerves during nicotine withdrawal

Triple Complex NicoTonic by Feelgood Health is ideal for people who are trying to give up smoking. With ingredients chosen to support the health & functioning of the nervous system, this tonic helps to soothe the nerves and reduce the restlessness and irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Product Features:

  • 180 tablets
  • Helps you stop smoking
  • Treatment for the 'short fuse' syndrome (frequently associated with nicotine withdrawal)
  • Helps to prevent headaches, irritability, temper outbursts and restlessness
  • Ensures a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette-free life
  • Helps the body to retain balance after the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal
  • Safe for use by all ages, including during pregnancy
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Locally manufactured 


Triple Complex NicoTonic contains the following selected biochemic tissue salts:

Nat phos (D6), Kali phos (D6), Nat mur (D6), Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Triple Complex NicoTonic comes in small sucking tablets which are placed under the tongue to dissolve.


First few weeks of stopping smoking: Use as a daily supplement. Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue or chew in the mouth three times daily. During times of stress or when withdrawal symptoms are acute, the frequency of dosage can be increased to up to every 30 minutes.

After the first few weeks: Use first thing in the morning and then as needed throughout the day

Note: Because tissue salts improve cellular functioning and assist with absorption, they are frequently recommended as companion remedies to other natural medicines. Triple Complex NicoTonic is recommended as part of a stop smoking regime, along with Crave Rx and MindSoothe.


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