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FeelGood OralSoothe

Safe and effective homeopathic remedy to soothe babies and quickly relieve teething pain.

FeelGood OralSoothe Teething Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy for relieving pain and discomfort of teething.

Your baby’s first tooth is a major milestone and something to celebrate. However, the process leading up to this occasion can sometimes be a trying one for parents and babies alike! While some babies simply sail through the process producing huge toothy grins, the majority experience common crankiness, dribbling and crying as their little teeth try to emerge from their gums – often leaving themselves and their parents at wits end! Teething can literally turn your precious ‘bundle of joy’ into a ‘bundle of misery’ – and just when the offending tooth has finally popped out, the next one comes pushing through!

Most infants begin to get their first tooth between 6 and 8 months although this will vary greatly between babies. The first tooth is usually one of the bottom teeth (incisors) which is then usually followed by its neighbour as teeth tend to come out in pairs. As your child’s first tooth begins to come through, you can expect your little one to become more fretful and irritable. The first signs of teething usually include an increase in crying and irritability, excessive drooling and your baby’s gums may also appear red, swollen and hard. You may also notice that you child wants to put everything in his or her mouth and is often biting on something. It is not uncommon for infants to experience a loss of appetite or a low grade fever at this time, however, any high fever or prolonged fever should not be attributed to teething and you should consult your baby’s health care provider for any fever concerns.

Teething can be a stressful time for parents too as it is difficult to see your little one in so much pain and discomfort. Keep in mind that teething is a necessary stage of development, as cruel as it may seem and that it is not something that lasts forever. For most children, the first tooth is the worst and they tend to get easier after that. By the age of three, your child should have a full set of teeth!

Over the counter preparations for the discomfort of teething include painkillers or preparations which are rubbed on the gums. From a naturopathic point of view, it is advisable to avoid synthetic painkillers for babies, especially on an on-going basis. Topical preparations often contain alcohol, as well as other synthetic ingredients and are also therefore not the best for your baby to use regularly.

The Natural Way

Giving your baby something cold to chew on generally helps ease the pain and discomfort. Try chilling a teething ring in the fridge or even giving him or her a clean wet wash to chew on. Biltong usually works a treat for teething as the salt acts as a disinfectant and the texture is just right for troubled gums. Make sure you watch your baby while chewing on biltong and cut all soggy bits off so that your child cannot choke on them. Try massaging the gum firmly with your finger. This may feel a little uncomfortable for the baby at first, but it will gradually ease the pain and become quite soothing.

Don’t worry too much about your baby’s appetite or put pressure on him or her to eat. Things will go back to normal when the offending tooth comes through! However, make sure your baby is getting plenty of liquids at this time. Some babies experience acidic stools during times of teething. This could be due to the increase in saliva being swallowed during teething. Keep an eye out for diaper rashes at this time and try cutting down on acidic foods. Besides spending your nights walking up and down the passages trying to soothe your fretful baby, natural remedies can provide safe and effective support to soothe your baby’s gums and help to restore calm to the household.

How has OralSoothe Teething Sprinkles helped other children?

‘Our baby was having a terrible time with cutting his first tooth. He had been feeding poorly and very grouchy for 2 weeks and the gel I tried to put on his gums didn’t make any difference at all. In fact he hated it! I gave him your OralSoothe and within minutes he seemed like a different child! It has continued to keep him calm and seemingly free of pain so I have just ordered another three bottles! Thanks for a great product!’

– Monique T-F

‘I am so grateful for your wonderful teething formula – it really settled my little girl and allowed the whole household to get some sleep. I’m really relieved that she’s not in pain anymore – I’m going to tell all my friends about OralSoothe!’

– Julie


All BabyNature products have been developed with care by a Clinical Psychologist, are 100% natural and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile during pregnancy and infancy.

100% NATURAL: BabyNature products contain no animal products, gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

OralSoothe Teething Sprinkles contains the following homeopathic ingredients in baby-friendly sucrose granules:

  • Chamomilla is a well-known homeopathic remedy for infant colic and teething.
  • Chamomilla is useful for relieving pain and soothing children who are uncomfortable and irritable.
  • Calcium Phosphate D6 is a biochemic tissue salt which restores strength to the body and is useful during times of growth and development. It is also excellent for improving circulation, bones and teeth.
  • Calcium Fluoride D6 is another tissue salt which is important for teeth, skin and bones. Calc. Flour. is useful for teething pain and toothache and will also address emotional symptoms. Although related, it should not be associated with the controversial Fluoride often given to children for strengthening teeth.
  • Passiflora D3 in homeopathic form, Passiflora is used for its soothing, quieting and pain-relieving properties ideal for calming your teething and fretful child.
  • Sucrose (inactive ingredient)


Q: What are the signs that my child is teething?

A: Increased irritability, drooling, putting objects into the mouth and disturbed sleep are all associated with teething. Some less common effects are fever, diarrhoea and red, swollen gums. Your baby’s appetite may also be affected.

Q: How long will it last?

A: From the first signs that your child is teething to when the tooth actually comes through the gum, will be approximately 1-2 months. Of course, this is repeated for every new tooth and teething can sometimes seem to go on forever. However, one day it will all be over and there is generally some respite in-between teeth!

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