Fitness Gym All-in-One- Latest product from 4aKid

Oct 13 , 2020

Fitness Gym All-in-One- Latest product from 4aKid

Firm, tone, sculpt at home!

All it takes is 9 minutes a day with this Fitness Gym All-in-One to obtain a great looking body all year round. Perform multiple gym-quality exercises in the comfort of your own home. This set allows you to exercise a full-body workout at your own pace. Not only does it effectively combine cardio training, muscular endurance and toning but also core strength, balance and flexibility. For a tighter resistance, roll the bar towards you to make the band tighter and adjust the resistance. Use the travel bag to keep your fitness gear safe and muscle-roaring to go!

Product Features:

  • Includes body gym bar, latex resistance band, workout sticker guide, two DVDs, tape measure, travel bag, workout guidebook
  • 9 min workout
  • 100+ exercises
  • Ideal for any fitness level
  • Full body workout 
  • Lightweight and portable


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