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Flower Rotating Candy Box. Latest product from 4aKid

Flower Rotating Candy Box- Latest product from 4aKid

Latest product from 4aKid. Check it out online

Enjoy blooming tasty treats with this flower rotating candy box!

Serve your guests with a variety of snacks with this Flower Rotating Candy Box. Both functional and beautiful, this candy dish will make your sweets look even sweeter. It features a petal-shaped two-layer design with ten compartments for ten different nibbles. Fill with assorted fresh or dried fruits, nuts, seeds, candy and so much more. This snack tray is easy to open, just gently turn the flower switch on the top of the bowl to open or close it. All the compartments open at the same time making it look like a flower in bloom. Over and above edibles, this decorative container can be used to store craft and scrapbooking supplies or as a desktop storage tray.  However you choose to use it, this beautiful box is sure to add sweet smiles to the room. 

Flower Rotating Candy Box Features: 

  • Multi-functional serving dish
  • Includes double layer with ten storage compartments
  • Features a rotating mechanism to open and close 
  • Store sweets, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, chips etc
  • Use for arts and crafts supplies, stationery items, hair clips and ribbons
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Non-toxic, durable and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for any homecoming, parties and gathering

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