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A pink mickey mouse plate with fork and spoon for toddlers. It has a spoon and fork inside the bowl.

Minnie/Mickey Mouse Plate & Cutlery Set - Assorted Colours- Latest product from 4aKid

Latest product from 4aKid. Check it out online

Makes mealtimes delicious!

Let Minnie OR Mickey entertain your toddler during meal-times with their very own Minnie/Mickey Mouse Plate & Cutlery Set! Yes, you read correctly, choose between Minnie or Mickey by simply removing the bow. The plate, fork and spoon are made from wheat straw material, making this cutlery set eco-friendly, light-weight as well as durable. This set is perfect for little hands. With 3 separate compartments, this dish allows your toddler to see as well as identify different foods. In addition to this, deconstructing meals can help increase a child’s willingness to try new foods.

Product Details:

  • Choose between Minnie or Mickey by removing the bow
  • Perfect for both meals and snacks
  • Includes 1x plate, 1x spoon, 1x fork
  • Plate and cutlery made from wheat straw material
  • Eco-friendly, BPA-Free and biodegradable

Colours Available: 

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Cream


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