My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge- latest product from 4aKid

Feb 21 , 2020

My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge- latest product from 4aKid

Provides maximum support when you need it most!

Get some solid ZZZ's with the My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge. The recommended sleeping position while pregnant is on your side because it provides the best blood flow to the uterus, making this wedge pillow your perfect sleeping companion when expecting. It is designed with a natural core shape which provides essential back and belly support, thereby reducing back pain. It also includes a 100% cotton slipcover making it extra soft and comfortable to use. Place behind your lower back for lumbar support, under your belly for sleeping support or between your legs for better hip, leg and back alignment. Not only is this pillow lightweight and compact, but portable too,
take it with you when you are travelling, visiting or just on the go. 


Product Features:

  • Natural core shape for easy sleeping
  • Provides back and belly support 
  • Use while sleeping or sitting
  • Versatile  
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Travel-friendly
  • 100% cotton slipcover 
  • Zip-off cover is machine washable

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