Ride-On Tractor- Latest product from 4aKid

Dec 01 , 2020

Ride-On Tractor- Latest product from 4aKid

For the upcoming farmer in the family!

Growing or harvesting crops just became child's-play with this Ride-On Tractor. This electric vehicle will make your little one feel like the king or queen of the soil. Although brawny in size, it has a cute steering wheel with good motor functionality. With the mp3 or USB/SD card functionality, your little farmer can get his jam on while attending to the fields. 

Product Features:

  • MP3 Function
  • USB/SD Card Socket
  • 2.4G R/C
  • Battery: 6V4.5AH
  • Speed: 2.0KM/H
  • Max weight: 20kgs
  • Adapter: Fulihua only


See more: https://4akid.co.za/collections/latest-products-from-4akid

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