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This image shows 5 grey bottles with the Sopure label. the bottles include Kitchen Natural Dishwashing Liquid 500ml, Kitchen Automatic Dishwasher Gel 500ml, Kitchen Fruit & Veg Sterilizing Spray 500ml, Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Cream Cleaner 500ml and a Kitc

SoPure Kitchen Bundle - Latest product from 4aKid

Latest product from 4aKid. Check it out online

Not only will this bundle keep your kitchen clean but your fruit and veggies too!

SoPure Kitchen Bundle will keep your kitchen so spotless that you'll be able to eat off the floor. The Kitchen Natural Dishwashing Liquid and Automatic Dishwasher Gel will get your dishes sparkling clean and ready to take on the next meal. The Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Cream and Kitchen Cleaner are both multi-purpose cleaners. They are made from the latest plant-based technology,  disinfecting 99.9% germs without harsh fumes and is safe for the whole family. The Fruit & Veg Sterilizing Spray is 100% natural and eliminates pesticide contaminants, viruses, bacteria and yeast.

Product Features:  

  • Bundle includes Kitchen Natural Dishwashing Liquid 500ml, Kitchen Automatic Dishwasher Gel 500ml, Kitchen Fruit & Veg Sterilizing Spray 500ml, Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Cream Cleaner 500ml, Kitchen Cleaner 500ml
  • All products are naturally derived
  • Active grease cutting technology
  • Non-toxic formulation 
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Contains natural preservatives and essential oils
  • Anti-bacterial and odour eliminator
  • Free from harsh chemical fumes


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